It seems to be bugs in the kernel module. I have 3 different methods for accessing Mr. This is where the Insteon stuff will go. In the few situations we’ve encountered interference with other wireless devices, simply changing the frequency commonly referred to as “Channels” on the offending device will solve any issues. Power Line Control Automation. Network devices will “repeat” the Insteon signal based on message settings.

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I’m maintaining a separate copy of detach as I’ve modified it to support command line arguements. I’m not sure I would count myself as an X10 “enthusiast”. This is Bob Pwwer’s Insteon software. The short answer is definitely: Not all are used in the linix code so read the directions to find out further details.

Insteon – LinuxMCE

I can imagine things like:. This is where the Insteon stuff will go. Products are available at SmartHome Insteon development is currently underway. Additionally, customers are not willing to plug their washer, microwave or garage door into an Ethernet cable.

Corrected bugs in the options handling and port number handling. It’s not that they haven’t been helpful, they have. So I’ve changed it to iplcd and I’m going forward with that. On re-reading my earlier reply and your answer to it, I think I was unclear about this: He is correct and this is my fault. There is no need for routing tables, each device in the network receives messages simultaneously, independent of whether the message originated via a wireless or powerline device.


Insteon – More information about Insteon and the Insteon developer forums. All communication is via a TCP Socket in xml form. How do I sell my software or hardware I created using the developer’s kits? You’re supposed to wait for the 0x80 packet, the next packet has 1 byte 0x02the next packet 4 bytes 0x48 0x00 0xd0 x0c Access can be local or through the Internet. And since I’m using some of his code from x10d I’ll be using Dan’s License.

It is my intention linjx replace X10 with Insteon in my home. In short no need to blacklist devices or recompile the kernel yeah. In fact, I was kind of hoping that someone from MCV might compile the driver and make it available for experimentation, or even include it in a future beta release of the firmware.

ZBPServer abstracts the physical differences of the various automation protocols into logical objects that simplify the client applications.

I’m sure the folks at MCV hear us loud and clear, but yes, definitely have their hands full all around for now. Insteon has several features that make it’s protocol more reliable. It’s a good reference to accessing the various functions he’s written.


Trust me, X10 users and Linux gurus are two groups that have not overlapped terribly much, historically. I’m willing to hack on a Luup plugin to get this to work, but I’d rather not have to set up the software environment required to build a Linux device driver.

The Linux Insteon support page

It is the interface with your controller, allowing you to monitor and control your network from anywhere. Bluetooth – Bluetooth is designed as an ad-hoc network technology and as such is not designed to be a home control networking technology.

I have been using Mac home automation software with a U Insteon powerline controller. All that’s really missing, I’m told, 2414j better documentation. I don’t have one and I don’t know if it works.

LinuxMCE support for Insteon devices is currently under development. If you wish to use for commercial applications, you must contact us to discuss licensing options.