I know which of the pair I’d rather have in my hands if the situation called for an improvised weapon, and it’s not the cute little silver thing. But it’s likely to suit most people just fine. And that left all of the other keys pretty much perfectly superimposed on each other, too, as you can see. Plus, it looks strange and interesting. Maybe a solid 24 hours of continuous normal computer use. This mouse is not a strange awkward shape, it’ll work with a variety of computers, and it’s not so small that nobody can hold it comfortably. There’s another port at the other end of the back of the keyboard, opposite the one shown in this picture, which is a pretty good layout for a gadget this small.

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Because it’s got five buttons, and two wheels. If you’re unlucky, your PC will go to sleep and never wake up until you cycle the power, and lose what you were doing. The IR runs from four included AA cells, which mount in this neat in-line bay, in between the keyboard’s fixed rubber-based back feet.

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This is A4’s current flagship cordless input set. Maybe one month, for more serious use. Getting rid of that steel ball really helps.

With the top board removed and inverted, you can see the antenna trace around the outside of that board.

: Customer reviews: Generic – Generic Great Eye Optical Ps/2 Mous – MO-A4-SWOP35

It’s a plain two-button-plus-clickable-wheel design, and works as you’d expect; A4 provide driver software that lets you pop stuff up with wheel-clicks, and so on, but you don’t have to install it if you don’t want to. It also has pleasingly snappy response.


One of the two scroll wheels is clickable, the other one isn’t. Are you, not to put too fine a point on it, impressed by shiny things? Rechargeable optical mouse, non-rechargeable keyboard, receiver box. The little Ortek keyboards have more specialised appeal. When I was using it, I kept feeling key corners and edges where I didn’t expect them to be, but my error rate didn’t skyrocket because of that.

Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. And it’s got Windows keys as well, crowding up the bottom row and bringing the total proper-keys count to It’s not something you’re going to want to press in the middle of a game, or if your computer isn’t actually able to optjcal up from standby mode properly, but it’s unlikely to be a serious problem. What’s the use of a mouse this small, assuming you’re not a very small person indeed, for whom even the MOP is too hefty?

Personally, I don’t know what the heck a power button’s doing on a keyboard. There are more things that can be mis-soldered or otherwise messed up in the manufacturing process when you’ve got more parts, so the chance of a dead-on-arrival mouse is higher.

A4 Tech Optical GreatEye 2-WheelMouse

Apart from that, this is an OK mouse. Gamers, image editors and plain old serious PC enthusiasts want high mouse sample rates, for smooth lptical, smooth curve drawing, and just plain smoovenessrespectively.


Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. If you can’t abide the TouchPad or TrackPoint pointing device on your portable computer, but don’t have room to carry a “proper” mouse, the Super Mini could be your salvation. The shape of the Super Mini Mouse may be rather uninspired, but it’s not actively user-hostile.

The opto-mechanical sensor assembly takes up more real estate than its optical cousin, but it needs fewer transistors to make it work.

Do you have a shiny silver PC and want peripherals to match? The keys also don’t have a lot of vertical travel. Do you want little, or do you want real little?

The rear wheel’s just a wheel; you can’t click it down. Unless, of course, you need a numeric keypad.

Customer reviews

If you press the Sleep key by accident, tough luck. The actual positions of the keys haven’t changed, and the different-shaped key-tops are pretty much just a cosmetic feature, as far as I can see. As normal for optical mouses, it glows at full brightness only when you’re moving it, and drops to a lower power mode after a moment of inactivity, to make it less dazzling.

But it doesn’t get in your way, either, and it too works perfectly well.