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Sorry to hear about your ongoing problems. Do you already have an account? Yes, I have tried the jumper in both positions just to be sure see my original posting. However, I still have a suspicion that the addition of the Gigabit Lan was a fix rather than an originally planned design feature. I do know that the LAN did work initially, then quit, and I still haven’t figured out why. Any observations or suggestions would be most appreciated.

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Initially specified production test routines don’t necessarily disclose all critical parametes for specific application scenarios. I suppose it’s still under warranty.

I have the same board and i am using the marvel lan, the onboard nvidia lan is disabled. XP will not find the driver, but if I reinstall it from the disc it works fine I just have to reboot again after reinstalling. How can I force windows to accept the marvel drivers in place of the microsoft drivers for this device?

Gigabit Lan on Asus A7n8X-E not registering.

As far as backward compatibility, the Marvell adapter should work fine without any tweaking on any network, it just adds the ability for the faster transfer. But even if my assumption concerning backward compatibility is wrong, why doesn’t the presence of the Marvell Gigabit controller show up somewhere? Just bought the A7N8X-E board and had a similar problem. Yeah, I still love the board too, lol.


In trying to fix the problem, I have disabled all unused hardware in the BIOS — in an attempt to free up resources. Any observations or suggestions would be most appreciated. Ironbasher, Thanks, I’ll definitely let you know what I find, if anything. Any unknown devices showing up in the device manager?

My symptoms are exactly as nvixia by Ironbasher.

In fact, none of the other hardware sites I frequent mention this problem anywhere, even once. At the moment, I am using a pin power connector intead of the preferred pin.

Already have an account? Also, I forgot to mention that the Marvell Lan driver I was attempting to install was the still current version, 6. Do you already have an account? Sorry to hear about your nvixia problems.

ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – nForce2 Ultra Overview – CNET

I tried uninstalling this net adapter and turning off the IEEE device in the bios and also disconnected the cables from their sockets but the gigabyte lan adapter is still not being laan by windows. Join the community here. Yes, I have tried the jumper in both positions just to be sure see my original posting. I’m wondering if it’s the same with mine, but mine is just periodic, not constant.

Gigabit Lan on Asus A7n8X-E not registering. – TechSpot Forums

My best guess is that it is a resource conflict. I have tried the enable jumper on the MOBO in both positions, just in case they got it wrong in the book, but to no avail.


The gigabyte a7n8s cannot be turned on or off in the bios it is activated by the jumpeer onboard ,but the Ieee device is switched in the bios.

Taking into account your observation that problems in this area do not appear to be widely reported, I tend to agree with you that I probably nvidis a dead Gigabyte NIC.

The fact that it was replaced would suggest that it had its problems too comments anybody? I’ve been trying to figure it out for about a month now, I dunno. All suggestions gratefully received – especially one that works!

Just nviidia to say I have the exact same problem as Ironbasher. It doesn’t harm anything but I don’t feel too confident with the solution.

ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – nForce2 Ultra 400 Series

The fact that yours gave a few initial twitches, together with the phenomena reported by others makes me suspect that the chip in question has some marginal characteristics. Could that be the problem?

Again, this thread about somes up ALL reports of this issue, lol, we are it.