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You might also like. The bluetooth transceiver can be coupled to an electrical device via a bluetooth transmitter. The control circuit detects states of the computer signal input port, the TV tuner, the monitor connection port, and the wireless communications module and controls the switch accordingly to establish connections. Wireless computer peripheral interface with the capability of identification. Finally, the RF signals are transmitted in a wireless microwave manner by an antenna.

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The base has a surrounding wall, and is formed with a second cable passage that extends from the first cable passage to the surrounding wall. Finally, the RF signals are transmitted in a wireless microwave manner by an antenna.

The second coupling device includes a second connector corresponding to the first connector. A wireless transmission module is set in the second part for transmitting the signal.

Wireless computer peripheral interface with the capability of identification. The processing unit includes a first processing module for cell phone signals and a second processing module for stereo signals, and the processing priority of the first processing module is higher than the processing priority of the second processing module. A switch including a control circuit and a user actuated mechanical mechanism is electrically connected between the systemz connection port and the wireless communications module, and the computer signal input and the TV tuner.


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Inson Corp Taipei Hsien Telecommunication systems. The at least electrical outlet is purposed to connect this electrical plug for power supply. Register Forgot your password? The above power apparatus having a built-in powerline networking adapter is capable of syetems one cable to connect the electrical plug and the body in order to undergo electrical conductivity and possess the function of power line lengthening and networking physical extension.

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A wireless audio transmitter is capable of converting audio signals into wireless Bluetooth signals. The body includes at least one electrical outlet and one networking adapter.

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The housing include a first part that is located in the slot when the present invention is inserted into the computer. A hot swapping protector is located in the first part of the housing and electrically coupled to the SIM for protection.

The micro-controller is connected to a MODEM module and an ether network media access controller through an internal bus, wherein the MODEM module is connected to the second connector for accessing Iwreless and the ether network media access controller connected to the third connector through a physical layer for accessing LAN. Web pad module with coupling devices installed on a rear side of a web pad.

A card reader is connected to the hot swapping protector and a power control module is connected to the card reader, the hot swapping protector for providing the power. By continuing to use our services beginning May 25,you acknowledge and agree to our updated Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy.


Taipei City Telecommunication systems. The stand has a base adapted to be placed on a table surface, and a prop formed with a first cable passage that extends along a vertical axis.

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Stack-type expansible electronic device. Please ssystems in your login and password Login. Help with expert advice. The second electrical connector is connected to the electrical cable and is adapted to connect electrically with an electronic device. Jye Tai Precision Ind Co Teleken Electronics Co Lt The transmitter comprises an ADC converting input analog audio signals into digital signals.

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The primary circuit board unit includes a primary substrate having first wbocom second major surfaces, which are respectively formed with substrate terminals and board terminals that extend transversely therefrom.

Eric Oh-Yang, Richard Chen. Power apparatus having built-in powerline networking adapter. Click on one of the icons to share the company. A web pad module has a portable web pad and a pedestal. The present invention includes a housing for carrying the components or circuits.