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If you are so afraid with WGA thingy, download offline SP3 from legit windows and install it on your system. Reseller change for me at his shop because I ask him to deliver the unit at my place, COD. I wonder as ableagent said, is this laptop ge-force m g is it a mxm or built in with the motherboard? You are likely going to be a lot more specific with your question, as the Aspire line has several generations and models. Sorry, both memory run just fine in dual channel mode.

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The way I am thinking…. Coz know i know where i can get the 64 bit drivers adi. Better to bring ur laptop to your local reseller to claim the warranty.

Average use of notebook. U get so much free stuff! Now the question is, does upgrades from 2gb to 4gb really helps on winXP pro? Most free Antivirus or even paid internet security cant work lam of the box as expected, this software will ask us to download the more expensive server version: I dont think I need one coz i use this notebook on the go.


Where is the ethernet port on Acer Aspire? – Quora

Thanks for your info bro. Wow, didnt know about that!

Change your power option dude, in control panel…that will solve your standby problem. Seem this mic and realtek chip will self adjust to minimize your ambience noise. If you have at least 2 GB, you can migrate to vista with no performance impact…I believe so. Some of the forumer complain this beta driver not support physix.

But what can I say, the speaker is good enough for you to watch DVD or listen your fav. For the record, all three notebooks, I bought and setup it using Windows Vista Ultimate with latest driver available, properly restart and defrag all of them before benchmark it using Windows Vista Experience Index.

I am still downloading DVD version. Some other notebooks, their keybord to shallow or too small for my liking. Is x64 faster than x86 on ?

It seems that the shop where I bought this lappie sold me a broken Memory Ram Kingston.

Acer Aspire AS4520-501G12Mi

When u discovered empowering in Acer Australian website, how long did you need to wait? Secondly, the disc itself. However, he is using Ubuntu Ultimate 1. Hi expertester, based on your review i bought the acer ! My lappie juz crash this morning!


I myself now, not using vista anymore…. Guru3d provide mod inf beta driver for this lappy. You risk your computer too much I guess. I rate it as good for notebook tiny speaker output.

What are reviews of the Acer Aspire? I have his mobile number but it is not polite for me to advertise his mobile number without permission. If this problem still exist, at least you know what to complain to Acer care. However, battery life could be differ from one person to another person.

Check my post regarding that one. No official driver for linux yet. Perhaps, AHCI ader for 64 bit version, located at different address of registry. Well, last time I check, this statement remain true but bear in mind that Acer provide XP driver in driver disc.