The sound was good from the outset. We have gained a lot of knowledge developing class leading DACs. If Bluetooth is selected, the relevant LED flashes purple while the user simultaneously presses the two input buttons to pair a smartphone, tablet, or PC. The ability to access the digital signal from an iDevice is a major bonus. Any one using an acrylic platter should look into this product if an aluminum platter is not financially feasible. I do regret that they elected to discontinue the superb performance and portability of the r-Pac.

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What Hi-Fi?

Even iedac Spotify stream over Bluetooth sounds decently clean and clear, avoiding that congested, muggy presentation that often plagues low-res files and streaming. Submitted by John Atkinson on June 21, – 4: Joan Baez In Concert, Part 2.

The irDAC-II is designed to be the heart of a digital system and can be connected to a host of different types of digital sources and connections.

The Arcam seems to get bigger with every version.

Maybe “Reference” is a “Tuning Fork”. It sounded great with a wide variety of sources.

Nothing like Sorbothane or other squishy products similar to that material. For digital playback, in recent months I’ve been breathing some rarefied air, pricewise. Technical Specifications Supported sample rates: Good to see an honest and well performing An enhanced design that raises the performance bar and is delightfully simple to use. I have learned to deal with it because, besides this problem, the rDac is a category-leading device.


irDAC – USB DAC – Arcam

Recording of June Big shoes to fill? Agcam M Integrated Amplifier Reviewed How on earth Micromega managed to cram 2x watts of Class AB amplification and dual power supplies into this slim little integrated amp is beyond us, but it sounds as delicious as it looks.

Recording of August Create new account Request new password. Submitted by tonykaz on June 20, – 9: The very last thing I want in my personal musical sanctuary is to have my brain or body made the subject of unnecessary radiation that is known to damage DNA in scientific tests. The IR remote includes all the features you need while managing to maintain a minimalist design.

Arcam irDAC Digital-to-Analog Converter Reviewed

One set of RCA analog outputs and a coaxial digital output are onboard. Cary Audio SLI integrated amplifier. Their Grungebuster platter mat competes with the best mats out there, and is extremely reasonable in price as well. I really wish it had MQA. There is but one input-switching button on the top of the unit, and the lack of button clutter is a welcome design element.


Keep making the hints. And, if we were to make a snag list, the ability for the Arcam to indicate what agcam rate is being input would be on it.

Jitter reduction is an obsession within our engineering team. Submitted by mrkaic on June 21, – 9: I reeeeally want to see a turntable company use the products as a ‘sandwich’ filler some day.

The stand-alone DAC concept was not new to the Arcam team as they were the first company to ever launch an affordable outboard DAC back in Submitted by labjr on July 2, – 6: Great review and references, as Arca, own many of the same Adcam recordings referenced in the review. Warranty Limited Warranty 2 Year.