Before we connect the motor we should adjust the current limiting of the driver so that we are sure that the current is within the current limits of the motor. I would appreciate your support in this way! Still learning Arduino code. I would like to run two steppers with one arduino and 2 A but with one power supply. I got everything to work with the potentiometer after playing around with it for a bit. Well it should be used at least 47uF. I do have a question though.

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My experience in mechatronics is too short, but this matter is very interesting for me. The information you provide is excellent, not only here, but all the projects you publish. My question is, How exactly you found the desirable delay values?

I tried copying everything you had in potentiometer code and just syappenmotor and add a few variables. Best wishes from Hristo Reply. Just found your website and the answers to what has has been puzzling me regarding stepper motors. Yet it appears as if they are at the end of the video?

With slight pressure tangential to the shaft it is making a microstep movement. Difference was, I earlier took logic power from another source. My 47uF blew on 12V. Home Tutorials Arduino Tutorials.


Arduino – Stappenmotor (28BYJ-48)

The driver will take care of the driving the stepper areuino the appropriate voltage. According the Delay control the speed of the stepper motor in your code, you wrote a delay microseconds. What should be done? I am developing an automated arbiter of the game of the generals if you are familiar with this game and an stepper motor is needed to position the robotic arm in 8 rows of the board.

What I got was 0. As shown in the Fritzing diagram, an external power source can be connected to power the motors.

I would like to say thank you for such a well presented precise explanation of how things work and more importantly what is going on in the background, not only have you shared your knowledge but you have also took the time to stappenmmotor questions. What can be the problem. How about if the stepper motor is connected to a belt and the positons steps and direction are controlled using push buttons? It could be a drivers fault…. I purchased the same power supplier that you provided through the link above.

I am using 12v for powering the stepper 5v for logic. What happens if i put 9V instead of 12V? I have two questions: It could be a drivers fault… Reply.


Arduino – Stappenmotor (28BYJ)

Hello Dejan, Trying to control a stepper motor with a manual pulse generator hand wheel type. After I connect the arduino result is like on the video. But result is like on the video. Well it should be much of a problem.

stappenmotor arduino

That way it will not overheat. You can use the same power supply for the motors but just make sure it has enough power to power both motors.

Well you should adjust the delay time between the steps that will suit your driver and stepper capabilities and match your desired speed. Hello Dejan, Thanks for great tut. Sta;penmotor adjusted the potentiometer and measured 0.

I was successfully flashed my code to my Arduino Uno but when I changed one potentiometer both motor speeds would change at the same time.