The idea is a bit cool, though Register a new account. Sorry for not getting back more quickly. If Raj’s suggestion doesn’t work, you might want to try a 1G or 2G flash disk. Your Asus’ “Boot Device Priority” menu also has to list the memory stick as a bootable device in the pulldown choices, and although it does detect and list SCSI controllers, I’m not sure it will do that for a memory stick.

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Does the motherboard have internal USB connectors? Found the USB drive at the bottom. From left to right: What are the names on the pins on the MB?

By dbrown2November 16, in Hardware. I wanted to upgrade to a larger USB drive.

Asus P4C800-E User Manual Page 44

Thank you for your support, Best, Mario. Thank you very much, Best, Mario. This would probably make for an incredibly slow machine! Thanks for the quick answer.

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Posted November 22, It obviously has internal USB connectors, the problem is that names don’t coincide. Not sure how to partition a usb drive though. The idea is a bit cool, though Simply match what written on the LCD wire pins, to the pins on the motherboard. P4c080 Problem, Please Help.


Silicon Valley, CA Posts: It get stuck at detecting ram I did order a 1 gb and a 2gb and will see what happens. But I can’t seem to get it to boot. I can upgrade my system and move my current motherboard over, but I was hopping to not need too. It runs assu, but as I add new packages, I am getting very close to running out of space.

It went back to the store for another problem, and now if i plug any of my 2 lcds, the card wont boot! The system tries to access the usb stick, but stops at a flashing cursor. Do they come that large?

Share this post Link to post. Should i try connecting them with another cable to the outside of the pc using regular usb plug, i have keyboard and mice on it and it works? Feel free to change it back if you have further problems and need to reopen the thread. It then authorizes them to draw power.


Very strange and i have absolutely no idea why, is it possible that my power supply hsb too weak ssus the lcd are sucking too much power or something like that?

If none of those work, try setting the USB ports to 1.

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From the manual, its: Try ‘hard disk’, ‘FDD’, etc. The end result is asys the display does not come on until the driver loads. Maybe one reason we haven’t seen this is performance: Copyright -Tech Support Forum. I can’t really tell, from what MS has published.