I thought the P4C was just too expensive. I’m still up in the air on the Soundmax. Everything sounds ok, but the control panel layout for the Soundmax is dreadful. Tue Jan 13, 5: By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. I can say that I am very happy with the on board sound on this board, and consider it heads and tails better then the three or four other onboard sound solutions I have been exposed to.

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It’s very muffled and distorted. The differences I can see are: Tue Jan 13, 8: Originally posted by MyCat: This is the 18th, and it’s wonderful.

Mar 21, Posts: My question is, is the CE worth the extra money? I’m looking to get cash in my A7N8X Del.


I even use the front panel audio connector for my headphones. Another awus I don’t really like about it is that there is no way to adjust the treble. Wed Jan 14, 7: The latter will give you slightly better memory scores thanks to PAT.

They have the same southbridge, the ICH5R. At moment, i’m geared towards running the Intel 2. I did have some memory issues at first, but have since worked them out.

Also there good for OCing? I have a P4CE I can sell ya.

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For file servers hence the ECC memory. It even included a sticker for the inside of the case showing the jumper settings and connectors, not that I’ve ever lost a manual. You won’t have any regrets if you go with this combo.

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Looks like I’ll be looking for a Realtek sound based board. Twinke MastaNov 26, Best mobo for gaming: I use the included equalizer to adjust tone control to anything I like. Wed Jan 14, 1: I just bought a P4P Delux last week. Everything sounds ok, but the control panel layout for the Soundmax is dreadful.


I just ordered one of these mobo’s for my GF along with some 5. If you need the extra features or you’ve got some cash to blow, the P4CE might be worth it.

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Asus P4P is better then both stock. Yeah, the SoundMAX does crackle a bit. The reviews on both seem very good.

Wed Jan 14, 4: Your name or email address: At least not that I’d admit, anyway.