I have googled and have had no luck in finding a tutorial on this. Does that sound like your situation? OR you can’t get the SWF to show at all? Terms of Use Privacy Cookies. Post questions and get answers from experts.

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Get started or learn new ways to work. Choose your region Close. In Flash, you set up a movie to generate an event by creating either a button or a frame that is assigned a Get URL action. You can’t even restart the movie if you stop it.

To clarify, the movie will play but the controls don’t function properly. The technical term for an external file is a binary file.

Authorware, Flash 8 movies, and ActiveX | Adobe Community

The first column identifies the entry as a binary entry. Even the ActiveX showme was vague.

The second column indicates the platform the external file runs on. The fourth column specifies the name the file will be given when downloaded to a user’s computer.


Authorware Support Center

aurhorware Europe, Middle East and Africa. See External file options for the settings that are available. Adobe is changing the world through digital experiences. Terms of Use Privacy Cookies. My screen shows up blank at the point where the flash movies should be.

Macromedia Authorware Player Download Center

Of course, as with Quicktime Virtual Reality, we gain much by simply being able to play interactive Flash movies. Flash has replaced Director for many users who do not necessarily need rich interactivity, but do need fast-loading movies.

If the Director 6 movie contains external links to any of the following types of external content, you’ll also need to distribute the file that’s listed: Get started or learn new ways to work.

Further, that SWF will also reference another SWF that actually contains the movie controls, so it has to be able to find that file as well. Does that sound like your situation? Editing external content lines An external content line looks like this: Director movie driver and support files see Playing Director movies. Post questions and get answers from experts. The Edit dialog box appears.


Does anyone know how to use ActiveX to make Flash 8 embedded movie controls work in Authorware? Please type your message and try again. Thanks for the help guys, Well, I’ve got the flash 8 format working.

Macromedia Authorware – Which files you need to distribute: Files for Director Movies

See all solutions for enterprise. The second part of this article describes how to set up an Authorware file so that it communicates with a Flash movie. Choose your region Close.

Adobe is changing the world through digital experiences. But I still have difficulty when publishing. Thanks for any and all assistance.

There is a stop icon that allows the movie to play through before continuing.