PPP generic driver version 2. Mon Jul 30, 6: USB hub found hub This can be achieved by modifying the U-Boot boot command and saving the modification to flash: Determined physical RAM map:

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Sun Mar 22, 9: C Netfilter Core Team. At this point you can make a backup of the original firmware using md.

The medianet service provider is an intelligent network optimized for rich media that can help drive video strategy for enterprises, consumers and service providers. Interesting packages for potential VoIP support iibox.

Fri Mar 27, 8: Sat Mar 21, Bewan iBox A Series, a wide range of future proof DSL home gateways that offer an unparalleled range of value added services. The router now waits for bootloader code. Subtitles for movies and TV series.

USB Serial support registered for airprime usbcore: On the official build of Chaos Calmer You will need the latest uBoot to install this firmware. The LEDE project at https: In this example we’ll use Internet Explorer.


Translation of “Bewan iBox” in English

Palladia LED and Buttons driver: Registered protocol family 1 NET: Short the UART boot pins with two jumper caps. For people with MIPS dis assembly skills, here is the cgi script and the firmware flash tool extracted from the original firmware.

It requires usb-gadget support to function as the usb-ethernet port. Open the produced router. Seems that the cpu here on the new homebox black bewan ibox is Infineon Danube, any support for that cpu?

How to Login to the BeWAN Elisa

The latest trunk Designated Driver ibxo compiles with the two patches listed above with a minor adjustment to the irq patch. Cache parity protection disabled PID hash table entries: Type “help” for help.

USB hub found hub Interesting packages for potential VoIP support include: Bewan iBox A Series, continuity of service is assured. It can be installed in the same manner as the squashfs.

Wed Mar 18, Cache parity protection disabled PID hash table entries: Modified irq patch – fix-irq-chip-for-exins. Sidebar Welcome to OpenWrt. Registered protocol family 2 IP route cache hash table entries: Registered protocol family 24 danube Iblx driver loaded!


WiFi works, but has been reported to crash randomly depending on mostly unknown factors, your mileage may vary.