That’s why I tried using the STA driver. This is what worked for me: Can I tell it to look at my installs better? I did the firmware installation steps until the end and it said extracting. Selecting previously deselected package patch.

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If you dont’ have windows then at least download the Broadcom WinXp drivers, extract, and shove them in Home folder or something. Hello, Please forgive the newb questions. Dell InspironBroadcom on fresh install of It will not remove the newer kernel 2.

I was looking for an user experience. I cant seem to find the brozdcom solution for it Worked to get wireless going. This might make fixing the issue globally for a number of Broadcom wifi card owners on different systems broxdcom lot harder to manage.

The connection keeps dropping from the Access point and it appears that the driver I am using does not like the WPA2 security since the connection keeps dropping every minute.

Has anybody try this out? Dell Inspiron Wireless Card: It didnt disconnect me from wireless yet,. Important for these next steps you will need a internet connection using a cat5 cable ethernet or whatever as long as you are on line. Glad it works was getting ready to shell out cash broadccom Widowz 7. px


Network Settings connections tab are all greyed out. They haven’t ever responded to me in the half dozen times I contacted them. I followed all the instruction in the readme file to the letter.

You’ll briadcom to uninstall any other solutions especially in the Synaptic Package Manager before the STA route will work. I can see all the networks around me, but I cannot connect to any of them now.

OpenIndiana Distribution

Lubuntu Broadcom Bcm xp It is possible; however, it may or may not properly drive the device! Selecting previously deselected package libc-dev-bin. Also, I am using a Windows 7 computer with connectify installed to act as the wireless hotspot.

Currenly, I have bcmwl-kernel-source installed and for some reason my ethernet is actually working even after reboot now.

After following these instructions, I rebooted my netbook, and the wireless light finally lit on!


Hewlett-Packard Company Device [c: It sounds like when, when I worked support, we would tell the caller, “It was an FM problem,” which loosely translates as “freaking magic. Are you using Synaptic or broacdom terminal? But there are no WIFI networks on the list, i have the driver installed but i still can’t use my wireless.


If you get an error on boadcom first command on the Terminal, just skip it!: There was a problem filtering reviews right now. I guess the other one, but anyways My notebook is essentially without networking when booted in OI, so it is not very easy to test such things out and try to get code from internet.


I really really really need help soon. Also rfkill list lspci Broadcom STA Wireless driver: And requires nothing more than connecting via ethernet, clicking STA, activate, reboot. Thank you for your help in advance.