Warrior needs food badly Initially the thumb stick would get hung up for a second in the maximum down position before returning to center. So which keyboard should you choose? Another thing you’ll notice is the “joystick” on the top-right of the keyboard that is used to control the mouse movement. Price Must be wireless RF or Bluetooth – range is very important for larger rooms. Stay tuned to GeekTonic next week for more Keyboard Reviews and two great giveaways. Moreover, there are many professional game competition held around the world, thus BTC pay much attention on this on-line game market and introduce our new URF Wireless Keyboard for game for all the on-line game players.

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Please visit HWZ for the latest reviews and news. If more products related information is needed, please go keyboadd www. The joystick acts as a left-mouse button when you press down on the joystick with your right thumb. These days, this pivotal tool is no longer starring as just a simple typing device for office or work related applications anymore.

The thumb control stick was automatically recognized as a USB mouse device and I was able keboard navigate, click, right click, and double click to my kyboard content. When you’re shopping for media center keyboards the most important factors are as follows: I suspect it just needed breaking in because it was fine after a little bit of use a few games of centipede. Range The range is good for an RF wireless keyboard.


Low Profile Keycaps type.

BTC 9019URF – keyboard

Stay tuned to GeekTonic next week for more Keyboard Reviews and two great giveaways. With the specialization of computer games, there grows more and more game players. A few minor quibbles: Ever since the advent of the Internet and PC gaming, the keyboard that we are all too familiar with has been given the treatment of categorization. Another thing you’ll notice is the “joystick” on the top-right of the keyboard that is used to control the mouse kkeyboard.

Dual channel IDs Cordless technology: When playing the racing game, or flying-shooting game, or some fictitious fighting games, the player can use only this”Dual Mode Joystick Mouse” to control the direction very smoothly. You’ll find that the newer BTC model is more prevalent and has taken care of some of the issues mentioned in this review. There is a newer version IIIurf being sold that is supposedly very similar with a few slight differences.

Besides, we also have product factory in China, Korea, and French, oeyboard have many branch offices all over the world to match diversify and difference marketing development. Don’t think this “joystick” will work well for games also though – it’s really meant for mouse control – nothing more, nothing less.

GeekTonic: HTPC Wireless Keyboard Roundup Part 1 – BTC urf Review

Besides, this URF wireless keyboard vtc game passes the test by group of game players. There are ieyboard other factors, but those are the most important ones to watch for. How does CRM Solutions help in customer retention? Conclusion I have been really happy with this keyboard. Plug the receiver into to a USB 1. Media Center Keyboards – What’s Important? There is a slight delay when you use the mouse before it responds at first – this is another thing that takes some getting used to.


The 9019urt I’m reviewing here is the older model URF. It looks good and feels very solid – actually I should say IS very solid as I’ve dropped this keyboard quite a few times over the years and it’s never shown so much as a scratch or been affected by my carelessness.

You can still find this old keyboard, but most likely it will be at surplus stores or used. You can of course adjust the mouse settings, but in the end I just got used to the different motion of the joystick mouse. More important than going through walls is the ability of the signal to transverse my coffee table and entertainment center.

This is an old archive page of HWZ prior to revamp. Original News Theme by. These media keys require that you install special software provided with the keyboard to map those keys see image below for screen-shot of software.