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Do not interrupt operation until the prompt appears. The XL’s primary file server contains the list of the other file servers 2 through 8 that the XL services print jobs for. Castelle says the HP admin software will do it, but I have no experience doing this sort of thing or with windows; will Microspot’s chooser software do it?. Maybe the printer will just show up! What will I see? These general issues are summarized below.

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Therefore, the print server, printer, and print queues can be defined anywhere within the NDS tree.

Select the print queue. Enter the adapter name if you are using an INA. In many cases, the devices discussed in this AppNote offer a fast, effective, low-cost printing solution in NetWare 4 as well as NetWare 3. A list of management options appears.

Queues created in the bindery context can be seen by both Directory Service and bindery users, so both types of users can access these hardware print servers. The network interface card NIC ignores the interrupt setting. Good luck and keep us posted! I have only one minor problem which only occurs when I print from VW Set Up the Print Server.


Choose to configure as a queue server. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.

Castelle Lanpress 2 1 MP Ethernet 10 BaseT BNC Print Server

Maybe the printer will just show up! Select the newly created printer. Turn on the printer that has the NIC network board installed.

To effectively use network-direct print devices in a NetWare 4 environment, you will need to know the manufacturer’s castele for installing the specific device that you are using. As for th castelel, the ha the same engine as theI believe. Print queues serviced by network-direct printers must becreated in the bindery context where the queue server is defined.

Queue Server Mode Follow these steps to configure a Castelle print server in queue server mode.

Castelle LANpresse Jr. MP – Troubleshooting – Vectorworks Community Board

Devices running in this mode under NetWare 4 run considerably faster than they did under NetWare 3. Unload the print server and load it again. Once the NIC is reset, it will be logged in as the print server using the name you assigned. I will check back on the 13th or so, before I’m floating, and see how you;re doing.


If the bindery context is not already set,you should set it at the NetWare server console. Select network formerly remote printer mode. Type a description of the queue in the description field. A list of NetWare servers appears.

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You will be prompted to enter the following:. Razer’s Sila gaming router packs all the perks in its trademark black box. Select the printer number.

Select the printer from the list of serviced printers. The only limitation is that the Print Server object must be defined in prin NetWare 4 server’s bindery context.

Some devices include a remote printer configuration utility that requires you to complete duplicate configuration steps. Type a description in the description field. Print server – 1 ports.

Make sure you know the bindery context of your NetWare 4 serverwhen using bindery emulation. Select the printer to be configured.