Contents 1 user manual 2 Models 2. This page was last modified on 15 July , at Tools What links here Related changes Special pages Permanent link. Nevertheless, all of them come with Sourcecode and patches are ofcourse accepted and more than welcome. It supports more floppy formats and kernel versions than my driver, which hasn’t been updated for a while.

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Industry standard floppy drives can be attached to the Catweasel, allowing the host computer to read many standard and custom formats by means of custom software drivers.

Catweasel Linux Device Driver – Freecode

Product prices include German VAT but exclude shipping costs. This feature of the old Catweasel MK4 was rarely used by customers, so it was decided to use the increased space for a better arrangement of the two SID sockets.

Icomp Shop Forum About. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In addition to the low-level access granted to floppy drives, it has a socket for a Commodore 64 SID sound chip, a port for an Amiga keyboard, and two 9-pin digital joysticks Atari de facto standard. Official software and drivers are available for Windows[5] [10] and unofficial drivers and utilities are available for Linux.

I hacked the final bits and pieces together only today, and I really wanted to get this out of the door, but let me repeat that this release is still not in the least fit for production use whatever that means in a retro-computing context.


The device became popular because it could also be used stand-alone in order to use a 1. Only the PCI Catweasfl has been tested.

The Catweasel Mk4 was officially announced on 18 Julywith a wide array of new features planned. These are more easily accessible now. Tools What links here Related changes Special pages Permanent link. This page was last edited on 13 Novemberat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Mk3 added PCI compatibility and sold out in mid The initial version of the Catweasel was introduced in and has since undergone several revisions.

Individual Computers Catweasel

The Catweasel provides a custom floppy drive interface in addition to any other floppy interfaces the computer is already equipped with. The Catweasel Mk2 comes with the required cables and a comprehensive software package. Views Read View source View history. The continued popularity of the Catweasel Mk2 led to a special “Anniversary Edition” of this model being released in Many other computers, particularly ones from Commodore and early ones from Applewrite disks in formats which cannot be encoded or decoded by the A, even though the drive mechanisms are more or less identical to ones used on PCs.


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The on-board floppy controller and the Catweasel. Unfortunately, this can not be worked around in software. Neither has any adversary effect on the computer, the Amiga can still make use of real time clocks on memory expansions or accelerator cards, the Amiga IDE controller can still be used with two IDE drives without speed penalty. For a register-level programming description, please click here.

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Because their drives were only DD drives, the drives didn’t care – so it really didn’t make a difference either! The controller is able to work with almost any floppy disk format that you can find a suitable drive for usually 3. Buddha and Catweasel MK2 in one!

CatWeasel MK3/4 Linux Driver

Content is available under copyright restrictions unless otherwise noted. This page was last modified on 15 Julyat Floppy disk drives Amiga MorphOS. This article is about the computer hardware device. It was succeeded by the Mk4. The Catweasel is linx universal floppy disk controller working with standard PC disk drives.