Lto-1 Tape Drive Blink Codes The first two, like the Certance model, are based on first-generation open-standard LTO Ultrium technology. Configuring For Hp-ux Chapter 1 – Introduction As always, though, capacity and data transfer rate do not tell the entire story.

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The CLL comes with the full version of BakBone NetVault software included and features a three-year cross-shipment exchange warranty. Drive Performance Specifications Windows Operating System Lto-1 And Lto-2 Physical Specifications Chapter 3 – Operation That notification is made via the TapeAlert system, which causes the host software to display a cleaning request the Certance LTO Ultrium tape drives do not have liquid crystal displays [LCDs].

Each of the three TPCs adds its own unique features after implementing the specifications, in an effort to differentiate its products from the other offerings. None of the above, continue with my search. Tivoli Storage Manager Server Software version: To learn more about the rebranding transition, see technote Certance offers two data cartridges a MB native cartridge for the Ultrium 1 tape drive and a MB native cartridge for Ultrium 2 drive and a universal cleaning cartridge that can clean both first- and second-generation drives.

Capacity and data transfer rate are the two most frequently compared specifications.

Like all Ultrium 2 tape drives, the Certance CL is backward read- and write-compatible with first-generation ,to-2 media. This format results in a cartridge capacity of GB when using Ultrium Generation 2 media. The standard configuration is a desktop model, but it can be converted to a 2U rack-mount via an optional rack-mount kit.


Certance also offers two autoloaders based on cetance two LTO Ultrium drives. Lto Cartridge Specifications Configuring For The Sun Environment solaris 2. Therefore, ensure that both library and drive hardware are supported. Setting The Scsi Id Certance’s release of an LTO 2 product family in late is a case of “better late than never.

Certance Ultrium LTO 2 Cl1002 Lto-2 External Backup Tape Drive Te3200-012

The data cartridges come with a limited lifetime warranty, while the cleaning cartridge is good for up to 50 uses. Configuring For Sco Open Server 5. Still, the Certance LTO Ultrium drives maintain an advantage in this area over the SDLT products which don’t offer a mechanism for physically altering the tape speed in response to the host data rate.

Scsi Message Codes Potential customers are reminded, however, that actual street pricing will vary depending on the vendors’ different discount and negotiating policies.

Reproduction of this publication in any form without prior written permission is forbidden. Three years React Rapid Replacement hour cross-shipment exchange or three-year mail-in 7.

In the event of an issue arises with the LTO-2 drive, the preferred corrective action is to upgrade your tape drive hardware to a newer generation LTO drive, then install the latest version of the IBM Tape Device lgo-2.


And they all include LTO-CM, a radio frequency-based feature that allows certain kinds of data to be stored on a chip, rather than in the first region of the tape. The CL lho-2 uses an internal head cleaner that regularly brushes loose debris from the head during tape eject.

TZ Certance / Seagate LTO-2 Tape Media – TZ /GB Storage Capacity

Internal Lto-2 Half-height Drive Dimensions While it is a good thing that Certance has released its second-generation LTO Ultrium products, the fact remains that the company is very late in doing so, lagging behind the competition by as much as a year and missing several promised release dates along the way.

Potential customers would be justified in being concerned about the company’s ability to meet future product release dates. The reader assumes sole responsibility lto- the selection of these materials to achieve its intended results. The AL comes standard in a tabletop configuration, although there is an optional 2U rack-mount kit.