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So I just replaced the inverter with a new exact model inverter and the same happens as before. Not sure what I am doing, so I wanted to check before I break the bottom plate getting it off. It worked but kept on overheating. View our privacy policy before signing up. They can be turned up, while losing minimal quality. You have to remove the motherboard first. There are currently no user reviews associated with this product.

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This is part number for the whole m20 panel assembly including the LCD screen, video cable, hinges, plastic cover and bezel.

Email has been sent successfully. Find an air compressor you can use canned air too and spray air inside the intake on the bottom until all dust is gone.

When you have a failed backlight, I would suggest replacing the whole LCD screen. So I have just disassembled it again and found that I had not screwed the heatsink to the cpu.

How to take apart Compaq Presario M2000 notebook

I got technical to review it and said I need to replace LCD of the laptop Just to confirm that you have a failed LCD, test your laptop with an external monitor. No Operating System included due to licensing regulations. The backlight lamp mounted inside the LCD screen and very hard to replace.


Steve, I went through the entire procedure and replaced mm200 screen but now there is no display on the screen both the old one and new one Why did you replace the scree?

Have a question about this item? Now I just want to have the freedom to unplug it from the wall. It just makes me feel a little uneasy when it happens. Before replacing the motherboard, I would try reinstalling Windows from scratch.

Compaq Presario M Laptop Computer | Property Room

PropertyRoom disclaims, on its own behalf and, when acting as an agent, on behalf of its principal, all warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, and specifically disclaims any implied warranties of title, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. The base 6-cell battery gets half those times.

My compaq presario m doesnot boot nor it shows bios setup. I was in the market for my first computer. Hi I have hp dv4t, my screen has parallel flickering lines.

How to replace screen Compaq Presario m – Inside my laptop

This is back to where I started weeks ago. By bidding on any item, you expressly agree that use of the website and the services is at your sole risk and subject to the user agreement.

It was the first time that Prezario opened a computer, and it was awesome.


You can remove and replace the power connector board without removing the motherboard. Ends Feb 17, at Complaints My biggest complaint is about how the optical drive is installed.

The screen can easily be made to be bright enough for any use. I followed the directions to take off the bottom cover, but part of it is stuck.

Upgrades are very easy thanks to the separate, labeled compartments. Thanks much for your time and effort in this laptop. Though you can get a cheap, bare-bones configuration of this notebook if you prefer, our test unit came generously equipped. Compaq Presario M Laptop Computer.

Compaq Presario 2200

The usb ports all on the M have stopped working. Brand Post Data science: You can adjust this rating by dragging this slider. The case is made of reinforced plastic which is pretty presarioo.

You can give them my email address so they could reply directly to me, or ask them to post it on your site.