If there’s nothing in USB ports windows load properly, and all the devices keyboard, mouse, wireless adaptor, speakers are working as long as I plug them in after it’s fully up. Strangely enough we had to order Dell 5. I would try that before considering replacement of the MB. A few also have a internal connection that may hook up to your front USB sockets. Will this card enable all 6 ports to 2. There really isn’t any software installed for these things – I just either installed drivers – for printer and scanner and XP installed drivers for the rest.

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The Mother Board • View topic – DGGC USB problems

It starts the floopy disk, autoruns, uusb new BIOS version, says “wait” and crashes. Even the ones without the capability of a front panel hookup will work well enough.

How to record anything on your screen using th And the mobo drivers should be the first package installed to the OS. Whenever there’s anything pluged into any of the USB ports, windows freeze. I do have the CD for the board and did re-install the chipset drivers – no change.

Use system restore and go back d1011ggc a restore point prior to when the problem started.


All of a sudden all 6 uab in back, 2 in front USB ports stopped working. Users browsing this forum: I haven’t tried plugging the SanDisk back in any of the ports.

I did try unplugging everything and rebooting – no difference. But we will help within that 5 years. Contact Us VideoHelp Top. When you start building a new pclocate the serial on top of your cpuand write that info down v101ggc the motherboard manual for future reference I do for all rma work. Thanks again for all of the help and suggestions.

Ok, I just looked up Intel’s site for chipset, they don’t have those. A new floppy drive is not expensive, and can easily be plugged in only as needed.

It’s just that it’s a major inconvenience to unplug everything everytime I have to reboot or d110ggc on PC. This website has quite a bit of info: And any older USB 1. To be on the ussb side with the new board, I’m going to “remove hardware” from the USB ports when I’m not using the device.

The Mother Board

If I consider replacing the motherboard – what are my options? But maybe it is some sort of software problem. For example, we won’t give 5 years on a seagate ourselves just because Seagate does.


By overloading the usb current supplyresults in damage to the apic chip which controls power management. I have taken out the video and sound cards now using onboard thinking maybe the IRQs were conflicting – no change. Problem with my USB ports Only then would the OS know what features are present, and how to use usn. Some f101ggc in late was the inception date, I believe. Free tech support, motherboard ID, and more. I called the place where I got it and mentioned this fact and they said they’d return it for me for the cost of shipping.

Intel Desktop Board D101GGC – motherboard – micro ATX – LGA775 Socket – Radeon Xpress 200 Series

I got it from newegg and they sent me a number and label d101tgc send it back and said they will give me a refund. There is a small chance the problem is your power supply. If not, I’ll be relying on your expertise and willingness to help others again.

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