You may want to check the series out. You can go up to x pixels using an external monitor. I will attempt to outline them and their solutions: You can do one of three things: Aside from counting how many days it’s been since you bought it new, you can tell the relative age of a battery by looking at the serial numbers at the bottom of the label. Incidentally, if anyone wants to use this laptop as a wireless portal, you can use Belkin’s Wireless

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November 20, – Kidding aside, switching batteries means reducing recharge cycles, which means longer lifespans.

Suspend-to-disk also called S2D or latitdue mode saves whatever you were doing to the laptop’s hard drive, and thus does not require power it shuts off the laptop. Server also usually wants a large amount of ram before it runs smoothly. If anybody out there has the scoop on this mystery, please e-mail me.

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The only problem was that there was no sound. So I still have my fix. I’ll need to tinker with those DMA settings and see if that takes care of it. Email me if you have any questions.


How can I improve and maintain the life of my battery? Of course, this means you’ll still need a second battery if you plan to work during a coast-to-coast flight, but with the XPi CD’s “hot swap” feature you can swap batteries while the computer is in suspend mode. If anyone knows how I can add USB 1.

Is there a way to tell the age of a battery? How much does the XPi CD weigh?

Why are the fonts and graphics pixelated or jaggedy at x resolution? Although this may make things harder to see on the screen, it should give you more battery time when you’re away from the wall socket. Jan 20 – Appli-Card on enhanced Apple IIe. The solution is just as simple: I was amazed at how easy it was to install this card since NT 4. I know of no workaround for this besides uninstalling ICS.

You can go up to rell pixels using an external monitor. I also love Hayao Miyazaki Films. I handpicked this second-hand computer, did a fresh Windows 98 installation, plus loaded all the very best Bible and other essential software I’ve discovered over many years of research and personal use de,l superior software that really helps one become far more effective in latitudw.


Dell Latitude XPi CD

Jun 8 – Click on “The Rev” link above. The meg chips are quite rare and pricey like dollars on ebay. There are several factors which might prevent your laptop from going into standby. My name is Rev.

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November 21, – They’ll be found under the files z To document which setup the sound was: I live in Nebraska. I tried to force my USB 2. In fact I have it running on an 80MHz I haven’t personally tried it, but I got an email from Souund that says he successfully installed Damn Small Linux and “Debian 3.

I happened to run into a site that On the Microsoft Webpage the had this short