Predictably, the DevCon Find command, which returns only currently installed devices, does not list the software-enumerated device because the device is not installed. Enable a particular device The following command uses the DevCon Enable operation to enable a programmable interrupt controller that had been disabled to correct a system problem. Otherwise, the asterisk would be interpreted as a wildcard character. Windows driver developers and testers can use DevCon to verify that a driver is installed and configured correctly, including the proper INF files, driver stack, driver files, and driver package. In response, DevCon displays the new hardware ID list for the device.

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The resulting display lists the devices in the Net class and includes the device instance ID, hardware IDs, and compatible IDs of devices in the class.

The first command finds legacy drivers by a device instance ID pattern. It searches for the following devices: Find all hardware IDs Example 2: Warning Before removing any devices by using a pattern, determine which devices will be affected.

The most reliable way to find the status of a particular device is to use the device instance ID of the device. Read about this change in our blog post. Removed 1 device s removed.


It then saves the status in the status. I answered based on experience with inf-modded driver installer.

DevCon Install – Windows drivers | Microsoft Docs

If any step of the DevCon Install operation netwotk, DevCon displays a failure message and does not proceed with the driver installation.

The following commands use the DevCon Find operation to display all legacy devices on the local computer. Before using DevCon, the device had the following list of hardware IDs: Change the order of filter drivers. List resources of device on a remote computer by ID. Direct Parallel This display, although interesting, does not provide the hardware IDs of the devices in the Net setup class.

Scanning for new hardware. Programmable interrupt controller Driver is running.

Using the DevCon Tool to Install a Driver Package – Windows drivers | Microsoft Docs

Note Before using an ID pattern to disable a device, determine which devices will be affected. List classes on the remote computer The following command uses the DevCon Classes operation to list the device setup classes on a remote computer, Server List resources of a class of devices.

Remove devices by device instance ID pattern. The link lights on the integrated network card were still on, indicating it was getting power. List all driver files Example 9: As a result, the success message for the DevCon Install devcoon reports that DevCon has created the device node and that it has updated the drivers for the device.


Sample Usage devcon install c: Find devices by device instance ID or class. Patterns are not valid. GenFloppyDisk 1 matching device s found.

In response, DevCon enables the device and then reboots the system to make the enabling vevcon. The following command uses the DevCon HwIDs operation and a device setup class to find the hardware IDs of all devices in the Ports device setup class.

How Do I Install A Driver When The Hardware Doesn’t Show Up In Device Manager?

Display the status of all devices on the local computer Example Insert a filter driver in the class list. When the command starts, the virtual cursor is positioned before the first filter driver. List the devices in multiple classes on a remote computer. I was working on a computer recently that was getting a fresh install of Windows XP on it. In response, DevCon displays neteork expected stack for the devices in the Volume class.