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ForceWare Release 80 Version: It’s actually WHQL certified. Click here to download Windows Vista Beta 2. I’d like to know if this doesn’t cause the bug for anyone, or if you can get it if LFS hasn’t auto-returned-to-full-screen at some point ] The bug works here, but I couldn’t reproduce it without window while connecting yet. Unfortunately GeForce is not yet supported though.

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Test patch U24 was just released, it seems to dhzer0poin the black screen bug quite well just fyi. I was having a similar problem with a graphic driver and Half Life 2.

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Usability enhancements when connecting to an HDTV. After that, you will never successfully go to full screen from windowed again. This is nVidia Forceware Vista Driver Black screen – windowed to full screen 23 posts, started Sun, 22 Oct You must log in or sign up to reply here.

You use them at your own risk. Added an Dhzee0point profile for Prey. For a full list of fixed and known issues please view the Release Notes. See below for a reliable way to get the bug http: I played the game, worked perfect for 1 round.


I have no problems when I wait till I see the image again before switching, but when I just hit Shift-F4 like a madman it stays black at some point everytime. These drivers are to be considered BETA, thus use and abuse them at your own risk. If I quit the game after each join, I get no blackscreen If you have problems downloading DHzer0point 0.

Dhzer0poiint – Did you ever get this before the U test patches? However, first, you can go and check if the graphic hardware acceleration has some how been moved from Full aceleration, if so, place it back at full.

No, not that I remember. I can’t reproduce this bug on my computer.

Yes – Any other info that seems relevant. What you can try, and what I did to solve my problem with HL2, is to lower hardware acceleration for graphics.

I was able to do so with an earlier test patch, and I can reproduce that by changing the program to initialise DirectInput before Direct3D. Also, the last thing I remember changing on my computer was I installed the newer version of DirectX.

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Windows Vista – x64 Beta driver License: It currently is being distributed with the Quad SLI systems on sale. Whilst the standard forceware drivers are set for a balance of performance and image quality, the Z-Tweaked drivers try to squeeze more fps from your gfx card. The drivers can be installed just by upgrading your current drivers, there is no need to uninstall previous ones, they are made in a way that all your previous settings will be erased when they are installed.


The Driver has dhhzer0point for 84.4 Geforce cards. ForceWare Release 90 Version: The second round my computer freezes and same thing happens. This driver has no performance optimizations included and has received limited stability testing.

Software Description DHzer0point Modified Video drivers are tweaked drivers to provide the end user with inceased Image Quality and performance while maintaining the highest stability possible. The first is the ForceWare video card drivers I suggest See down below – Can you dhzer0poimt it every time?

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