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The device is available in two color options: There are no rivals of Acer E in Russia, because other models in the same form factor are just not offered. You can carry it around in your pants or jeans pocket just fine. I have no complaints to WiFi operation, but one. Other Android smartphones do this much faster. The keypad is somewhere to the left or to the right.

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Preliminary Review of Acer beTouch E GSM/UMTS Smartphone

The smartphone feels nice both in one’s hand and while talking. The keypad is somewhere to the left or to the right. There is no such problem with the black version of the device, yet the feature can turn the typing experience on the white version into a nightmare unless you get used to it or learn to touch-type. To a large extent, the design has been dictated by the form factor: In the engineering prototype I tested the camera did not work or to be more precise, the memory card slot and in Android 1.

The thing is that the cover takes up the whole rear side of the e1330, uses some clasps to attach to the main body and needs to e310 pulled off in order to be removed. That is due to the fact that all the device keys are the familiar hardware type provided you know how to use a trackball and that the small low-res display doesn’t make you want to touch it at once.

On the top, in the left corner, you can find a 3.

The real trouble comes when you realize that you have a white backlight in a white smartphone. I find the design of the Acer E too simplistic, but a quick survey of my friends as well as the feedback from our readers on the forum the device pictures could be seen in some other reviews a while ago indicate that many people do find the design attractive, even though the actual device is not available yet.


Save for the plastic frame with a chrome finish on the front panel that serves no actual purpose, there are virtually no other impractical details in the smartphone. The Call Receive and End keys are at the far ends of the platform, whereas the Home and Back buttons are closer to the centre and form the upper row, and the Menu and Search buttons make up the lower one.

On the front panel, at the top of the device, you can find a speaker with a grill cover. To replace a memory card, it is enough to remove the cover; to replace a SIM card, you will have to remove both the cover and the battery.

Everything works fast, just the process of docs opening is often delayed alongside with browsing them.

Acer beTouch E130

The whole system appears very unreliable meaning that if the battery cover is removed too often, sooner or later those clasps will fail. On its right, there is an indicator light that goes solid red when the device is charging or connected to a PC or solid green when the battery is fully charged. The SIM card and memory card slots can be found under the battery cover. It is an attempt to promote a new form factor and device experience to Android users. When the screen is activated, the first thing that you see is the lock screen — just hit the Menu key to unlock the device.

Acer beTouch E – Full phone specifications

The Acer beTouch E hereafter, “beTouch” will be omitted is one of the company’s many tests of the Android market and its consumers. Probably, in the case of the E, the traditional controls are more favorable as an input option than the touch-sensitive screen.


While using the Acer E, every now and again I would realize that I am selecting menus and programs not with my fingers but with the help of the trackball.

There is no point speaking about the capabilities to watch unconverted video or play “heavy” games apart from the platform there is one more limitation — the landscape screen orientation.

Hard Reset ACER E130 beTouch

The key combinations can also be changed any way you like. The volume of the speaker and loudspeaker is from average to above average, while the vibro is weak and I often missed it. E1330 you want to choose Acer E, you have to understand the risk of buying a unique device. Text input cannot be convenient in this case.

The response of the screen is decent, but it is not convenient to poke your finger into a 2. Excellent battery life, convenient text input are the high points of E Having something to add?!

As far as the build quality is concerned, the only complaint is about the battery cover. Artem Lutfullin artem mobile-review.

The material is practical; the white device collects no finger prints, and I think that that it also true for the black version. Although there is neither horizontal nor vertical spacing between the keys, I find them quite comfortable to type with.