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This is more tastefully positioned in the lower side of the mid-bass. The content from here can only be viewed by distributing agents with an account. One could say that E is presented like a lively flower. This is the E Here is the E measurement. Since sound quality differs greatly according to the positioning of the ear piece, move each ear phone around while playing music until you find the position with the balance that suits you best. As we said, the cables are not microphonic at all, they are nimble, flexible, and they hide the price of E fairly well, looking like any other IEM on the market. Register for our newsletter.

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The case is so small that it can hold just one unit comfortably. They are highly versatile, fun and comfortable IEMs that are a joy to listen to.

Measurements for those who are keen with auio lines.

One could say that E is presented like a lively flower. Unique swing-fitting earpiece mechanism.

Soft silicon has been employed for the earbud, making for a comfortable fit and a high level of sound insulation. Transparency is a little behind the ER4 series. DIY projectsboth from the ground up and modding. Please take note these are my impressions after 15mins of hearing.


Only point is difference compared to E would be with wearing comfort where the E is more comfortable due to lighter weight. What does warm and V-shaped sounds like? Since I wanted to hear why people were so excited about the new E series, I leapt at the opportunity to arrange a demo for myself This is pretty cool and can save a pocket when you are out and about. I’d like to thank Final Audio for providing the sample for this review.

The E shows more depth than the R2A. If earphones like humans can grow up, E will grow up to be the E Everything is made in Japan.

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With no particular sound ranges having been emphasized, we have achieved balanced reproduction of low through to medium and high frequencies and high resonance. Most recently though a lot of those positive comments have been about another Final series, the E series of small form factor, single dynamic driver IEMs.

I would say the E are definitely worth the higher price compared to the E and both offer outstanding value. However, the build quality of the E inspires more confidence. Here is the E measurement.


For pop music though the E really shine and I greatly prefer the energy with which they present the music. Meanwhile, modest middle-treble emphasis produces heightened air and brings audlo more to the fore at the cost of cleanliness. As a result, switching from E to E, the mids appear forwarded.


E is more organic. Nuanced delivery of details is the name of the game. They have nailed it. Switching from toI find everything sounds better and more refined.

Review: Final Audio E & E – Summer Love – Headfonia Headphone Reviews

The bass is better and digs deeper in the as well. The precision involved in assembling the parts for the driver unit is of the utmost importance.

Blazer39 and takeitblue like this. Aluminum black alumite finish Driver: Didn’t feel that it would break from accidental mistreatment but wasn’t premium too.

Find out now in this review just how much we like them. The E is not bad.