Config simple and easy. There are some brands I can’t recall now which ensure almost-0 latency even at their entry level Sort by most recent most useful. I do not even look for resell as I did not want a new owner to know the same misery as me. What characteristics have motivated your choice? Currently I use the builtin output, forwarded to the inputs of FA Not seen a manual but the online documentation is available!

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Since now there are no solution: Jan 12, 9: Dec 22, 5: My Kemper arrived last week and I’m very happy with it.: Jan 16, 2: Buy 1f01 if you don’t have a lot of money BUT do want good-quality gear. No What software do you use most often? I do not see the usefulness I use 2-track simultaneous max. Logic recognizes the interface and not “stumble” no. Easy eeirol use with the Kemper.


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Check out some of the Focusrite stuff. It also works very well in independent preamp. I am not an isolated case and my product is not dfectueux, just a search to see how much she plant, saccade, makes noise in monitors. Had no issues with my Fast Edifol C!

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With experience, you do again this choice? It just didn’t flow well for me. There are some brands I can’t recall now which ensure almost-0 latency even at their entry level An independent volume control for output caique it would have made it perfect for me Your browser has JavaScript disabled. J ‘have small latency problems sometimes but it is not I think of this card has.

Very good preamps, a purchase with your eyes closed From what I see, you’re not much interested in the analog quality pres, converters.

Firewire, low latency, rendering -: The build quality is exceptional. Log in Become a member. It’s got drivers for Win XP as well that’s what I use.


Problems with Edirol FA firewire soun… – Apple Community

Very The manual is clear and sufficient? I sold it to a good friend of mine.

It’s cheap, it’s good stuff, easy to use, the fan will not be lost and the novice can navigate. The above mentioned Liquid Pre-Amps are great and very very versatile.

I’d still highly recommend it. Firewire is handy and level drivers is particularly stable with the following config.

USB audio interface recomendation

Good momentum, it goes up to KHz, do not get too hot, solid construction. Waiting for a fix! What software do you use most often?

Jan 12, 7: