Input Devices


Replace the developer cartridge if you notice a decline in print quality. Lower the printer cover. Fasten the side cover with the two screws. Before printing, make sure that the Paper Size setting in your printer driver matches the paper you load. To correct the error, Turn the printer off and back on again. Your paper may be moist or damp. To get started with your printer, please:

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Unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet and then from the printer. Normally, barcode creation is a laborious process requiring you to specify various command codes, such as Start bar, Stop bar and OCR-B, in addition to the barcode characters printerr.

Indicates the remaining functional life of the photoconductor unit. Close the output tray, and prknter the printer cover by pressing the latch on the left side of the printer and lifting the cover up all the way.

Chapter 6 Troubleshooting The status of the lights, on, off or flashing, indicates your printer status, as described below.

Do not force both sides in at once. Laser beam scanning and dry electrophotographic process Press the latch on the left side of the printer, and raise the printer cover.

Epson EPL-5800L Reference Manual

5800p Avoid touching the drum, since oils from your skin can permanently damage its surface and affect print quality. The paper path selector is located on the right side of the printer, near the back.


Sorry this didn’t help. Gently pull out any sheets that have fed part way into the printer.

Windows 7 with Epson EPL 5800 Printer

Glossary A component of the printer that contains the toner that creates the printed image on paper. Open the printer cover.

Accessing the printer driver I would suggest you to refer to the methods given below and see wpl that helps to fix the issue. Click the arrow next to the Print to the following port drop- down list, then select LPT1: Neither is any liability assumed for damages resulting from the use of the information contained herein.

Printer Options Each of these options is discussed in its own section. Using The printer is factory set for face-down output. You may want to add additional memory if you are having difficulty printing complex graphics.

If you purchased your printer and the options at the same time, first set up the printer and run the print test by following the instructions in the Setup Guide. Turn on the printer. In the Printer Ports dialog box, click Close to return to the Ports menu. Page 59 It closes automatically once the problem is cleared. When handling the cartridge, always place it on a clean, smooth surface.


If your computer cannot epp in ECP mode, the printer may not be able to print with the standard memory.

Page 10 When removing the developer epp, never touch the developing roller under the flap; otherwise, print quality will decline. Fan a stack of paper and tap it on a flat surface to even the edges. Remove any folded or jammed paper from the paper-tray and from the inside of the cassette unit, and discard any curled or wrinkled sheets.

Windows 7 with Epson EPL Printer – Microsoft Community

True dpi Resolution Featuring true x dpi print resolution, the EPL delivers excellent contrast and shading in photos and illustrations and text that is clear and crisp. Be sure to remove any pieces of paper that may have torn off or are remaining in the printer.

Some information is fixed and is used to control how the printer operates. Page 39 Lower Paper Cassette Unit is displayed only if this option is installed.

Black or white bands appear in the printout Turn off the printer.