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Serial port extension cables are wired straight through, that is pin 1 to pin 1, pin 2 to pin 2, etc. We will process orders as quickly as we can, in the order received, when we return. If you need more than 5 metres then probably best to stick with the RS version. My day job responsibilities require frequent travel. I don’t wish to start adding transistors or owt else to it once it arrives cos I don’t know what I’m doing- it needs to be a “dummies” version for some of us. This is not true for TTL levels. The good news about splitting the case means that wit care it might be possible to fit one or two additional components in the case.

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If its working fine for you then great – I do think however it would be good idea to provide folks with the details of how they might bump up the signal levels to replicate the functionality of the existing EQDirect designs even if they opt not to do it. That is stress I can do without.


Use this information at your own risk. I like to run CMOS logic at 12v to give greater noise margins but if these mounts use 5v supply then you’re stuck with a lower noise margin and using 3.


The “problem is that in uxb your max level down to 3. Continued use of SGL indicates your acceptance of our cookie policy.

Not all DB-9 cables are created equal. With regards to the cable length, traditionally serial cable has longer runs before a repeater is required. As I recall the average actual switching level was about 1. So you can’t afford to lose a lot.

Register a new account. During this time we will be unable to ship orders, and will have no access to internet to answer emails, or provide technical support. Connect the two cables as follows: Will try on Windows 7 64 bit later.

I’m in need of making a new canon shutter release, and this might fit the bill Should of read the post a bit closer Edited January 11, by malc-c. Or sign in with one of these services. As a side note, the little Eqdirdct are great for mods that need a serial interface such as webcam long exposure mods or DSLR shutter cables.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. The PIC will most likely take anything over over 2V as being a “high” signal and anything lower than 0. I’m in need of making a new canon shutter release, and this might fit the bill. Edited Fqdirect 11, by Reggie.

It’s a sound point. I’ve had mine running over the past month with no issues. Recommended mod to bring the signal output up to 5v Either of these circuits will do, to help with noise immunity and longer cable lengths.


USB EQDir for under £4 – DIY Astronomer – Stargazers Lounge

Edited January 12, by 12dstring. Although these devices still run on 5v though they can run on higher voltages the locic levels are 0v and 5v with the average switching level around 2. I was aiming for a neat all-USB approach for my setup. The Shoestring Astronomy Store. I’ve just ordered a few to have a play with.

Ideal for compact USB-only mods as done by yesyes http: Not sure if that applies to these new TTL levels Always good to have a bit of a tidy up and I can replace my old EQDir ‘box’ that is velcroed to my mount. However, these devices tend to be more expensive and harder to find.

Safe high levels of 5V TTL devices are usually around 2. It is the direction of the current that determines whether a specific bit is high or low.

The 5V design replicates what the synscan does so we can be confident that we’re operating within the design spec of the mount interface.