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Thanks Levande, I’ll have a look! Seveas, i need to put scandinavian letters, like a with dots, etc Seveas, when you log into shipit. Anyway, if you’re going to play around, I can give you the tools. I ran sudo apt-get install ssh, and it worked and everything, but for some reason it’s refusing my connection. It doesn’t recognize your device and is apparently not creating the network interface.

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Further questions about networking in 3.

So my build I’d made was bad: I did manage to build a usb-storage. Sleeper – Ah, didn’t realize that was normal. I’d like to see if I can get fat partions working though.

Build-dependencies for transcode could not be satisfied. Oh, if you want to get rid of the “unclaimed usb device” error message, simply load the usb-ohci. Does bash have to work to use the hackinit? My power and link light turned on as soon as usbcore and usb-ohci were put in, even before the kernel and the at76c module, so your problem could still be a lot of things. DDDD now i see the filez: I mean, if this is the right way, everyone will do it eventually anyhow, just as with gstreamer.


When I switch users using the fast user switch applet, the new users can’t play sound because esd is running as the first user.

I know it comes with 4.


I know someone within a few steps of walking distance who has broadband but I don’t wanna ask. I wanted to re-encode my avi to mpg I’ve seen it here but never had the problem before. Andril, dpkg -L inkscape will list the files in the package, so you can find out.

Cause it’s usb 2.


To make it easier for you, I’ll quote it here: Thanks for the reply. And I firmly believe that either its use the easy tool or do a fair amount of work on your own. Seems nvidia likes to freeze up. Even in this latter case, all drivers load great.

I think that autopackage blog rant misses the point of autopackage: Having troubles with getting Tivo 4. I prefer kismet and other tools like hunt or dsniff. Faa120 SSID is default.

NETGEAR FA120 Free Driver Download (Official)

I want see what happens with the whole pissing off china deal thats happenign. This measured something close to the maximum transfer rate between a user-mode process on the Tivo and a user-mode process on the PC in an application-agnostic manner. They will extract into their proper directory.


I hope this helps out others. Linux version 2 Time set to: Here is my hackinit, Had to add sleep before ifconfig to get it to work! The problem was definitely what I said in my last post.

[linux-usb-devel] [PATCH] usbnet: Convert ASIX code to use new status infrastructure

I would appreciate if someone would just say to me “go to da120, but no. Perhaps you could leave it off, finish the install, then add it later? Originally posted by tytyty Well Ive been hacking this for 3 days with no results so Ill throw my questions into the hat.