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I’ll keep working on it. As does no feedback on if it was tried, if it worked, if you need instructions. If this doesn’t work then most likely you will have to wait for a driver update from Gateway to get it functioning correctly. If we knew how to use “Vista Compatibility Mode’ we wouldn’t be asking for help. Lack of documentation regarding what has been tried and what has not leads to responses like that.

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As does no feedback on if it was tried, if it worked, if you need instructions. Can you use something like a compression software to extract the setup file to a folder?

On one hand Visha feel Microsoft should be obligated to make all Vista machines compatible with 7 for screwing us with Vista. At this point if it doesnt work with the manual setup, your only option will be for Gateway to release a update. You say there is no setup.

One other note, the “unknown device” is still there; I just kept it uninstalled now. Monday, August 9, 8: Realizing its a driver problem.

I restarted my computer and the driver installed on restart. There use the drop down menu to select the OS of choice. But I don’t see were you ever run the driver from the cab folder?


If you wish to know there ffinepoint currently 2 methods. On the Advanced button on the General tab I checked the “Run as Administrator” and then on the Compatibility tab I used the drop-down selector to set the context that the driver should execute under.

Finepoint Driver failing install from update and manually

Following the reboot the Tablet options were available in the Control Panel and I was able to use the Pin to calibrate and use the Tablet. Click okay and then run the application as normal.

So far I haven’t quite gotten the touch-screen working, but I sure to appreciate the assistance you folks have posted! Monday, January 19, 9: But nothing was giving back as far as a response.

Fine Point Auto Detail

If the Compatibility Mode did not work we may have been able to try other things, there could have been searches done. I can’t flash the BIOS because it claims ” The failing finepoint update disappeared after rebooting and the pen works. The manual setup is the last option available for this sort of problem after finepoin else has been tried. At what time did you run the applications from the cab folder?

And I had been searching for quite some time for an answer to the driver issue.


I see Windows Update tries to do its thing, and hung on the FinePoint driver for over a couple of minutes. It works on this machine with Vista but fails to load on Windows 7.

If anyone has any input, would like to hear it. Right click the executable file, select properties. I can’t say for finspoint what did it, but I’d be willing to bet that uninstalling the “unknown device” that is trying to install driver is the prolem.

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Thanks for the post, but i don’t see what doing anything with the drivers from gateway fixes the problem. Vistw the Compatibility mode on both FpHidCal.

Calibration utility could not connect finepoinr HID digitizer service. This would probably be because of the number of times I tried installing and it hung up. You download driver 4. But does not work great, as I can not calibrate it. I would really like to know who is responsible for this madness.