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Forgetting to do that is a memory leak. So I did uninstalled the previous driver and did a system restore to a week ago but am still getting crashes. I am not trashing them at all, but for me at this stage of my experience, nVidia has waaaay easier and neat drivers to use. Hasn’t changed a bit. I hope this works as promised, would be great to finally keep a driver after many months of constant driver rollbacks. Try ingame AF off and force in driver,.

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There was a few crashes a long time ago on MIG’s server, but nothing recently.

Ill check it out and if it crashes I geforcd the fix, thanks!! I have the evga gtx and haven’t had any issues.

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This happens almost every time I play. I have a GTX and I didn’t update my drivers like you did.

Though if your game minimizes to desktop and you can hear everything around and move but not 335.32 the game, then it’s your driver that is crashing. Veforce, any other updates you applied perhaps? MrH Senior Member Posts: My Ti had a hell of a time on the The actual driver itself crashed several times, not the games I was playing.


I can finally play Diablo 3 with SLI now. I’m getting the exact same thing.

NVIDIA Releases the GeForce WHQL Graphics Card Driver | TechPowerUp

Now I’m in bed. I have and since the latest driver update i’m not crashing, but my game minimizes and I can’t see it anymore. I’ve been having the same problem on my GTX Since moving from ATI about 7 years ago I’ve never looked back – Nvidia driers have always been hassle free: I had already lost hope. I’ve reverted to What were your issues?

Albeit, This just started happening to me today, worked fine for 30 mins then crashed and I had to restart my PC, then errors every few mins ultimately crashing to the desktop.

Nvidia GeForce 335.23 WHQL

The previous driver also crashed from time to time. I’ve played probably around 3 hours since I updated and haven’t encountered any issues yet knock on wood.

Posting guidelines Be nice. Not the best Memory leaks, on the other hand, can be much harder to track down – there isn’t generally anything that will tell you where the problem is occurring.


Nvidia GeForce WHQL | ProClockers

If you have proof geforde admin abuse, report it to the GSP which hosts it By following these instructions. The following sections list the important changes and the most common issues resolved since version When this happens we have to keep joining and holding down W to move ourselves out of the glitched area. Posting to remember to come back, running a 4gb at home.

I am having trouble with crashing as well with Ti.

Become a Geforve and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. It isn’t too bad though. D in most games you will find that the game developer will have to release a patch fot AMD cards just ti fix some issues but with Nvidia its not always the case.

I guess I’m lucky. I’m not tech genius, but i just wanted to make my specific situation know.

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