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This means I can set the governor to ondemand or even boot with it but as soon as I try to change it to something else, the system freezes. Cups writes to disk periodically, so consider shutting it down and only enable it manually when needed. Enable the Power Management Unit plug-in of cpufreqd. Disabling cups in battery mode. Kernel configuration for the various suspend types.

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Notice that throttling doesn’t save much energy and is mainly used for thermal management keeping your laptop cool and quiet. Last not least we have Suspend-to-Disk, a fork of swsusp. Great, so cpufrequtils is gone? This article describes the setup of power management for processors. With the USE flags configured, it cphfreq time to install cpufreqd.

Documents containing Metadata Todo articles Power management. Depending on your setup, CPU speed should increase on heavy load, decrease on no activity or just stay at the same level.

This includes BIOS settings, genntoo configuration and some simplifications in user land. You can combine frequency scaling with ACPI throttling to get a lower minimum frequency. Why would it need to be removed from the repository? Run rc-update add acpid default to load it on startup.


Gentoo Linux Documentation — Power Management Guide

To get comfortable with the interface to the kernel, first do some manual speed modifications. The laptop-mode-tools package supports plugins or modules which have their own configuration file s. The next sections assume a runlevel battery exists.

The following three chapters focus on devices that typically consume most energy – processor, display and hard drive. The main disadvantage is obviously the loss of performance.

It doesn’t, unlike cpufrequtils, run as a daemon. Last not least Troubleshooting lists common pitfalls. The cpufreqd application monitors the status of the system through several plugins. There are two problems with USB devices regarding energy consumption: The behaviour was very similar to what was discussed in this thread: The original one is swsusp, then there is swsusp2 which has the nicest interface including bootsplash supportbut requires manual kernel patching. Now, one of the important settings in each configuration file is if the laptop-mode-tools package should govern a particular setting or not.

Power Management Guide

Please do not apply anything from this guide to a server unless you really know what you are doing. Event driven runlevel switching with acpid. I have just discovered that cpufrequtils is masked, and it JUST happened because I have installed Gentoo multiple times recently and now I cpifreq told to use cpupower. Cups writes to disk periodically, so consider shutting it down and only enable it manually when needed.


Retrieved 12 June In the above example, cpufreqd will switch the system ventoo the On Demand High profile also shown in the above excerpt.

Copyright Gentoo Foundation, Inc. This article has some todo items: I used to use cpufrequtils, but now I cpfreq pick ondemand as the default governor in my kernel config, and have been perfectly happy.

CPU Power Management shows how to adjust the processor’s frequency to save a maximum of energy whithout losing too much performance.

The OS answer to this problem is the so called “USB selective suspend”, which has not yet been gwntoo in the kernel. This guide assists you setting it up on your laptop.