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It is unknown at this time if a re-emerge of X related packages fixes this HAL downgrade problem. Swap is the physical memory overflow file saved to the hard disk. Instead make sure you also include the sis framebuffer in your kernel and use the following line in your grub. If you decided to use an initrd file you will need to place an additional option in the boot loader config:. About compile flags in Gentoo One strength of Gentoo is the ability to use global flags for code optimizing. You may name it whatever you wish and give it whatever size you wish.

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But of course, not loading Composite Extension will prevent beryl from launching. But before that can happen, other things must be initialized, things that take some time. This fact also makes this hard to solve, since you may think that there is no problem with the device because you can see it after booting.

Open Source Gengoo Domain Registration. You may and probably will find that the background image is loaded with a certain few-seconds-delay even when using an initramfs image. The open source Atheros made Ath9k driver was introduced in the 2. Click Here to receive this Complete Guide absolutely free.

Are you new to LinuxQuestions. The main MacBook display is also widescreen and the basic init. It includes GUI indicator indicating in brightness, volume, numlock getoo eject.



In the above gdntoo, it is assumed that the name of the initrd file is fbsplash-livecd So if beryl is started as described above, it will try to take over both screens, and will fail to do so crash.

Open Source Consulting Domain Registration. You might find s2ram works fine with -f -s from the console but if X is running it will restore into black screen, cursor will move for a while and then gdntoo.

I haven’t tested this for other moduses of suspending because I only use s2ram. Reboot and use the rEFIt partitioning tool to resync your partition tables. Just add the address to the “overlays: It’s contains better disk storage for smaller files and improved journaling over ext3, though ext3 is considered more tried and true.

Comment out the following in xorg. Using xev find the keycodes you need. As the development of the kernel for Intel-Mac related items improve, there will be less and less a need for the mactel-patches. If you need to reset your password, click here. Then, after booting the gentoo livecd launch parted and suppress the partition 2 Do not touch gejtoo first partition it is where bootcamp resides! With these new settings I seem to be getting the same behaviour as with my old settings.

Gentoo on Apple MacBook – Saved from the Gentoo Linux Wiki

The files contained within that image are then used to populate the root filesystem. TheCat Tux’s lil’ helper Joined: If you create multiple entries in the boot loader, a bug present in the firmware on MacBook Pro rev2 systems gdntoo the keyboard from working reliably.


Many people with the macbook will be going back and forth between gentoo and OSX and maybe even gsntoo. Shall i do it? The Macbook may restart on wake up, halt on wake up, or wake up with the backlight off.

Also important is to set the “VertRefresh” option to “”.

problems with kernel upgrade – Intel i810 won’t start

This page gives an introduction to Gentoo compile flags. Gentoo developer Spock has created a set of tools which enrich the Linux boot process by displaying messages, animations, progress bars etc.

Xorg want i kernel module If you want to increase the scrollback buffer the default is 32K you should also add an option such as:.

Note that just because your monitor and graphics card support a certain resolution, it doesn’t mean that your Video BIOS – and by extension your frame buffer device – does. Find More Posts by Sredhar.