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You can adjust settings by interfacing directly with your car’s onboard computers, and at the same time you can note any performance irregularities and either attempt to reset them or else mark them for later maintenance. You can find Greddy e-Manage in the vast inventory of diagnostic software on eBay. PM me if interested. How can I make it work? Hopefully this will be useful as a bit of a reference. Very hard to find new in box as they are discontinued from Greddy! There is a method called a loopback test.

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Strip the end of every wire very little needs to be showing, perhaps 2 or 3 mm. Emanage blue harness shown in photo. Make sure your using the right COM port or just try each one.

Time to check bluw wiring. It may just be a random thing, but worth trying if you are having problems. If this has helped you let me know!

eManage Blue USB cable – Forum

However you will receive the Ultimate harness. Facebook Twitter Digg del. Then put the positive wire to V5 blje the board and the negative side to the GD ground.


You will need one of these that will accept an operating voltage of 5 volts. The active and Interaction lights both turn on, they stay both on all the time, no matter if I connect the usb or not.

Originally Posted by mazdagtr. To do all this it is likely easier to cut off the USB side and strip the ends of the wires grreddy get easier contacts then reconnect everything once tested working. PM me if interested.

You may damage your Emanage or computer or both. Change that in the emanage blue unit and then click to connect and voila! A Greddy gauge is designed specifically to cooperate with the emanaeg suite, giving you the most accurate results possible when you take the time to sit down and diagnose your car.

You should end up with something like http: After the serial loopback test is confirmed working if not your laptop is busted.

Resist the urge to install anything that comes with the cable except the minimum driver – this should lead to a comm port showing up in device manager emanahe Use hyper terminal to determine the RX and TX cables in your DKU Last edited by nnttem; at With the usb PL HXA, when I connect it to the emanage, the Active light turns on for some seconds without giving power to the emanage.


Step 3 — Software Emanage can be downloaded from this emanage group on yahoo. Run loopback test grdedy ensure your converter works. Once connected its all up to you. If not, what kind of uxb should we ask from our local computer shop?

If so, where can we purchase that from?

Fast service with excellent results fro Credit goes to everyone else that helped put little pieces together for greddy, Jake in particular. Be sure to use a multimeter to check that you really have vcc, or gnd, etc before soldering into the board.

Results 1 to 4 of 4. Do we need a special cable in order to connect the eManage Blue to a computer?

Greddy E-manage

Greddy E-manage Refine Results. When I give it power both active green and Interaction orange lights turn on, Non-blinking. There are also opti