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You should be able to watch free to air with the right client you can test that if you get stuck later on to make sure its not this issue 2. Log file attached, but looking through the log file the main error I seem to be getting when it tries to do the recording is: For each Prime, I created an m3u playlist file that references each channel I want to use I. Hi, do you have enough free disk space? Wow thank you for the quick reply!

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And of course the TV Butler tuner offer is not valid anymore.

Does emby server have write access to the recording folder? If you are not happy with TVMosaic upgrade, please write to our support and we will refund it. However at the moment it is difficult to say when it will be resolved. Thanks for following up astyfoo with the detail, appreciated.

The setup will search for all available NAS devices on your network. Just remember that this device name can change pretty quick hdhomerkn reboots! Hi, do you have enough free disk space? If you use a Synology disk station and you want to install something that might not come from a repository make sure you have the right package. I have a cablecard installed and it works perfect hdhlmerun HDHomerun View and the “Channels” app on the AppleTV I am picking up a tuning adapter today so I can get the prime channels too.


I went with ServerWMC and and pretty happy so far. At the command prompt paste the following commands right click to paste, press return after each command: I was sure this wasn’t synologh problem, but of course double checking I had specified the share quota as 5GB instead of TB, which of course it had quickly chewed up.

Unable to record from HDHomerun Premium, Win32 IO returned 50 – Synology – Emby Community

Thanks for the above info but keep getting: I feel your pain, Im at a loss myself, I synoloy know what else I can try. However I do know that people out there have got it to work, unfortunately every post or comment I have found either provide no details at all on how they got it to work. Seems like there is answers for anything else, than my question.

I tell it to setup all services, and I still have nothing.

Kodi & Synology & Tvheadend & Oscam & Ziggo & picons & hdhomerun & Smargo/Smartreader

Tuner is a HDHomerun Prime. OR their description is so unbelievably technical that Im not able to follow along.

However I am having some issues getting it all setup. Best Answer astyfoo02 September – I just keep my fingers crossed someone will figure this out since I’m at a loss. I do have a windows client with me so i can just run that one.


Synology DSM –

Win32 IO returned You need to follow the instructions in the e-mail to activate your account. We have had a very long timeout before, as there are serious problems within the communication between synology and this company, and therefore issues with the software after major updates, and both sides pointing on each other It’s a kludge, but it works.

When all is said and done, and the scan is finished, I still have no EPG, and I dont get any channels what so ever. Primarily utilize the tvh client app for Apple TV 2. I have at this point gone through every option I can think of.

This site shnology cookies. Good morning everyone, I just discovered TVHeadend a few days ago, and it looks like it exactly what im after, it even has an official AppleTV app! Put this all together and you have a PVR client.

So I do not prefer ‘downgrading’ either.