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The ISMS reconfiguration shall be accomplished online through system programming. The Sticker shall meet the following standards for contactless smart cards: Hardware templates shall allow a user to define a “typical” door configuration and then use that template over and over in the process of defining doors. The control, alarm monitoring and reporting, time management, and user identification cards shall be tested in accordance with the following:. Security Management System can associate alarm events with video commands to look at current or historic footage. This is the reason that the system defaults will incorporate the ability to select a digit card number size in addition to the existing 5, 12 and 16 digit. Filter parameters are configurable for each input point, resulting in the ability to specify a custom End-Of-Line EOL resistance value, sensitivity range and timing parameter.

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Allow printing of individualized visitor badges containing name, picture, expiration date, and valid access areas.

An error shall be logged in the log file if the badge holder is not found in the Security Management System database. Provide a fully featured visitor kiosk to handle visitor registration needs in a busy or unattended lobby.

Honeywell NETAXS-123 User Manual

The Security Management System shall support unlimited connections, based on concurrent licensing, to the Security Management System software. The Security Management System shall allow system operators to set a predefined time period in which cardholders shall swipe their card through a card reader in the Security Management System.

The Kiosk shall be used to perform touchscreen visitor registration using a visitor’s business card or driver license. More details on the rules may be found in the wiki.


An interconnected set of controllers, managing the entrance and exit of people through secure areas. The battery provides standby backup power,depending upon system configuration and activity. The tours shall not require the need for independent or dedicated readers. Access Control Functional Requirements: Entry to a higher level contamination area shall automatically restrict access to cleaner level areas.

The Access Control System shall function as a Web-based open-architecture facility management system that tracks individuals, defines and controls access levels, monitors honeywdll, and generates reports. A guard tour is a defined series of check points a guard must activate within a given amount of time.

Honeywell NetAXS-123 Installation Manual: Communications; Usb Communications

The Security Management System shall function as an electronic access control system and shall integrate alarm monitoring, CCTV, digital and network video, ID badging and database management into a single platform. In addition to Monday-Sunday, there shall be at least one day of the week called Holiday. Each group may be controlled with the same options available for individual relays. The Security Management System Shall maintain information related to a badge holder’s card access privileges.

The Security Management System shall allow the user to use a shortcut key to enable designated system commands.

Communications; Usb Communications – Honeywell NetAXS Installation Manual [Page 50]

Security Management System maps shall display the state and condition of alarm points. A Security Management System in which partitions are set up at installation and cannot be easily changed shall not be acceptable.

After creating the new time zone, it shall be added to the Time Zones database and applied to the panel’s database. Supports an option to define 32 holidays, for override of normal system operation. Mount the back of the panel on the gang box. Ensure that visitors sign out by tracking expired visits and informing their hosts.


All the system transactions or selected system transactions shall be saved in a disk file. Badge design includes magnetic stripe encoding, bar coding, signatures, and so on.

The system shall include the capability to configure alarms and incorporate scheduled events that may be activated by either time ussb a specific programmed event. Using the various logs in event manager, the user will be able to gather information about events, auditing, and operator actions.

The user shall have the ability to perform hardware configuration changes during or after the installation which shall include functions such as door open time, door contact time, location and reader names, and access rights configuration. Use a pencil to mark the location of the holes on the wall. The Security Management System shall support dynamic partitioning.

Honeywell Netaxs Usb Driver – news-co

The number of client computers varies based on the licensing information of ISMS. A device that retrieves information stored on an access card and transmits that information to a controller.

Relational Database Management System: Access shall be controlled through a password-protected user interface.