Today i Hit a Green away in the air, and through the day hit 3 more drives over Build The TaylorMade r7 takes the r7 line from cc — the size of the r7 Quad — to cc. Everything else was left of John Kerry. Weight in the heel to draw, weight in the toe to fade. TaylorMade has been one of the leaders year over year in drivers on tour. Its not number 1 any more but it is number 2 by a country mile 5 out of 5 WoW!!!!

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The results are terrific. TaylorMade has perfected movable weights in at least this regard. Adjust the weights based on the type of shot you need to hit. TaylorMade r7 weights Started by jignacio97May 21 The one change I made — which was small — was to put my hands a bit more forward at setup. That is exactly the comment I made to the salesman while trying it out in the swing analysis center.

Both the clubs are a pleasure to hit with after you set it according to your taste.

Link for r7 Weight Diagram???

Build The TaylorMade r7 takes the r7 line from cc — the size of the r7 Quad — to cc. After less than one season, I replaced the r7 with the superquad, which is awesome! I hit two baskets today with the R7 and was spraying it around, hitting beyonda little farther than my R but generally to the left. Create a lower ball flight by putting both larger weights in the front slots. I prefer high launch neutral-draw. This driver is weghts long.


TaylorMade has been one of the leaders year over year in drivers on tour. With four adjustable weights, there is some room to be creative with your weight placement. I think it is a chart from the R7 The cc clubhead puts the r7 right between the r7 Quad and the r5 Dual taulormadeboth literally and in appearance.

TaylorMade r7 weights – WRX Club Techs – GolfWRX

Edited by stage, 24 May – It is nearly impossible to get it on with one hand. Tayor Made used to have taylormave neat little computer simulation on their website but that’s gone now and has been replaced by the newer three weight models. By reducing the crown thickness to 0. I think once I figure out what to do with the closed face it will be a great club.

It wont be long before my handicap comes down from the frustrating 24 it is at the moment. SportsRec is the 1 source for all things sports! As for thethere where some differences and some similarities.


With an improved shaft and more forgiveness, I can finally say again that I really like a TaylorMade driver. Please pardon the analogy, but I usually like to stay away from the first year a new car is released. The difference at the range was the was flying into the net behind the yd signs! For a higher shot, set the two heaviest weights in the holes furthest from the club face, and for a lower ball flight, set the heaviest weights in the two holes closest to the club face.

While MWT is not an addition to the r7 line, TaylorMade has moved the TLC ports further apart in theincreasing not only stability but the forgiveness of the driver.

Put the standard version in play at the end of the year on the back nine of my final round. As for the directionality, it was a bit off at first.

The other difference between the new r7 and my S is the weight. No, create an account now. I purchased the r7 and had some problems at first but got the hang of it rather quickly.