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QuickCam Fusion 4 Known Issue: It’s a kernel module-level bug that affects the 2. Also getting the screen filled with “Killed” from top to bottom on the left side. Typically, what happens is when I put in a disc and boot up, I get as far as loading the linux kernel and then I get a message saying that there is no medium with a live file system available, causing me to believe that there are no BD-ROM drivers for linux. Font size is 10 to 20 times too big and if I try to open the KDE application menu the displays jumps out of sync horizontally.

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I bought my laptop in lastweek and i hv never install any ubuntu version to my laptop. It seems from the documentation I’ve read, that it should be supported, but XSANE starts scanning, and then it stops after one inch, and hangs there indefinitely. Graphics adapter Nvidia Geforce The drivers don’t install properly sometimes giving a blank desktop And no one in this forum gives an easy to understand solution for noobs.

There is a sticker on the card itself that says Atheros, and the Vista drivers on the CD that Asus packaged with the computer lists itself as Atheros. The weirdest part is that kubuntu 9.


Inno3D launches 2 MCP73 boards SL7N73UM-HDMI and SL7N73VM

Doesn’t work at all innod even with hacks that supposedly make it work These two pieces of hardware are the reason I am forced to keep Windows for the moment. Join Date Jul Beans 1. I got it working by taking this tar file http: If an upgrade is in the cards, consider another distribution such as openSuSE Also getting the screen filled with “Killed” from top to bottom on the left side.

Duo 2 Core 2,8ghz Wolfdale Mobo: Gone back to 9.

Desktop Hardware Incompatibility List. [Archive] – Page 2 – Ubuntu Forums

Had to pull the plug to stop it. Stoian, My Microteck Scanmaker is totally nonfunctional in Ubuntu or any other linux for that matter. Device is recognized and the volume bar on screen adjusts accordingly when you press the buttons, but it’s for the mic only also the volume controller defaults to adjusting the mic. If you load the patch directly from nVidia as directed by nVidia’s instructions, you will also trash the video. I have also tried, 8. The multi and vcore should come back to its maximum when put under load.

This problem cannot be solved Running on a Thinkpad with MB.

Update Scratch that, there was a faulty solder joint on the output jack. DHCP will complete but the wired network will not work or will work intermittently after a reboot of the router.


Ubuntu 8 – installed on Vista using wubi 2 days ago. No automatic override sll7n73vm headphone jack. No 3D or TV support of any kind no matter what you do.

rig1 | Intel Core 2 Duo E Ghz/Mhz/2mb L2 Cache Inn… | Flickr

There are new drivers for this series of card literally new; dated todaythat work with at least 8. Video has never worked out of the box for me in Ubuntu. It has problems with both the open source and binary ATI drivers. The akasa internal card reader Model No.

So thanks, nvidia and Ubuntu people.: Thanks for your attention: On all Ubuntu versions: Inno3dd dealing with this iinno3d far.

After I got back in my chair, I did have to look up a post on how to properly enable the drivers, but it was a piece of cake. I confirm this too, i just asked my reseller to give me an equivalent instead of the Corsair 8 Gb Flash Voyager.