DbConnectionManager – Database connection created PidxApplication – Adding default ini file: Is it true that your application successfully passes “Test Run” step and only compiled version fails? As for the classpath option, still no dice with the following. DbConnectionManager – sealing violation:

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But maybe one of my other dependencies has a reference to the same oracle ojdbc library.

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Known Issues and Limitations: Java.lang.securityexdeption with JDBC ChangeDateFormat – Constructor Called: Is there a way to customize how it generates the. I am left scratching my head I look forward to any assistance that can be provided. DbConnectionManager – Database connection created Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. As for the classpath option, still no dice with the following.


Config – HostAddress not specified in Config. Posted January 18, This is how you modify the actual.

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Manually editing just gets overridden. A sealing violation means that some classes from a sealed package were loaded from two different locations directories or jar files. Using the Maven plug in, I can modify the. ProcessRequest – Constructor Called Perhaps my attempt at clearing the class path is improper. Vinci A De Paul 11 1 2.

Oracle JDBC Sealing Violation | hallatech

Config – Defaulting MaxLanes to 20 I’ve added the Maven profile. From this documentation at Oracle: Known Issues and Limitations:. I can’t think of any obvious things that I might have missed that would allow it to work outside of the Jet build but not inside. However, I am getting the following exception: Is it true that your java.lahg.securityexception successfully passes “Test Run” step and only compiled version fails? Hello, Could you please send JET project files.

It fails when attempting to create an Oracle Connection instance. So I ran the following maven command.


Sorry about the delay getting back to you. After perusing through the documentation I was able to find the section on setting up cor POM.

After adding the proper arguments for the testrun command, it worked exactly as it should. Your patience is well appreciated. Config – Defaulting Version to 2.

Sign in Already have an account? PidxApplication – PidxApplication Args: By default, the plugin distinguishes between application classes and third-party library classes automatically using the following violqtion