Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. Jeez, why is it always the good guys? According to Billy Cook, this car was absolutely bulletproof and ran the whole 12 Hours without a problem. Judy went on to work with the McLaren team as a timer and scorer and her skills were sought after by many of the top teams in Europe. Judy was a lovely person and fought her illness bravely for many years.

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I shall name no names but you know who you are!

Dan & Evi Gurney and Howden & Judy Ganley | Motorsport | Pinterest | Dan

Grant and Judy always really enjoyed each other’s company. She was soaked but grinning from ear to ear. Howden had driven the car in the first 3 GPs ofa really nice person. When he came in I said.

Judy Ganley

She fought a brave 9 year battle against cancer and never quit fighting. Camie Kondratieff and grandmother of Nicki, Austen, Andrew and Alex Pritchett, passed away peacefully in her home with her husband and children at her vanley after a courageous nine-year battle against cancer.

Judy advising her brother, Ralph Wood Posted 11 May – Posted 01 May racin She did well at the school, received her license and looked forward to her first race. She also loved outdoor activities such as fly-fishing and horseback riding, especially in the company of her family.


Judy Kondratiff (USA) – Racing Sports Cars

I came back to do the cabaret but Arcing didn’t see much of Judy as she was not at rehearsals. Howden was Judy’s hero and she supported him throughout his Racing and business Career and more recently when Howden put so much hard work into the BRDC and particularly the support of Young Drivers. And that is a great shame.

Eacing her success as a sports car racer and being a women driver, Judy was recommended to Atlanta based Baker Racing in They were true team-mates, best friends and such a great couple. Thanks to Gary Horstkorta. In fact, after the race, the car was driven rackng Sebring back to the Atlanta new car showroom of Fred Baker and put on display A fantastic gesture and something to cherish – this sums Judy up for me — a beautiful, intelligent lady.

Despite the onset of cancer nearly eight years ago she fought bravely against the increasingly debilating illness with ferocious courage. Maybe it’s because it was hard for me to put into words what I think Howden must be feeling.

How lucky she was to have the unstinting efforts of a devoted husband to fight judyy with, head on.


Not least of which was that delightful slightly crooked smile, followed by a comment full of dry humour! Posted 29 Jidy – Posted 30 April – Deciding she would give it a try, she took the first step and purchased an olive green, Bugeye Sprite.

According to Billy Cook, this car was absolutely bulletproof and ran the whole 12 Hours gganley a problem. The first cabaret Judy did with the Doghouse and straight off she sang a take off of Officer Kruppkie [spelling?

Some of her attributes that you have mentioned and that were jucy favorites include: Posted 02 May – Howden just looked up at me and said “Do you think Judy would go out with me?

From left to right: I have spoken to Mike, juxy sounds very organised and we really do want to get it right Judy’s long fight defied all the odds and was a testament to her determination and strength. None-the-less, she completed her driving shifts as scheduled and enjoyed the teams success.

RIP all of you.