Hard Disk Drive


Destroy the Mirroring Relationship: We take every care in the preparation of this document, but no guarantee is given as to the correctness of its contents. The Optimized Defaults are the default values set by the mainboard manufacturer specifically for optimal performance of the mainboard. You can connect a network cable to either LAN jack. Click on the Next button to proceed the installation in the welcoming window. Follow the instructions below to clear the data:

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MSI KT880 Delta-FSR – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – KT880

After the kh880 is finished installation, it will automatically started every time Windows is initiated. I have never had a Socket A motherboard have a 12V connector like that in my 7 years of building Socket A computers. Trademarks All trademarks are the properties of their respective owners. If the chassis is opened, the switch will be short.

For broken RAID 1 arrays, the data on the surviving disk will remain after the destroy operation. Lay this equipment on a reliable flat surface before setting it up.

A-7 vii Getting Started Chapter 1. Stores Availability Store Hours. If you do not find the heat sink and cooling fan, contact your dealer to purchase and install them before turning on the computer. Also, lam can right- click on the icon in the system tray and choose Properties, and the following screen will appear to show some basic settings about the audio configuration.


Change these settings only if you are familiar with the chipset. The values you set for the temperatures are the maximum thresholds for the system for warnings, and the value for fan speeds are the minimum thresholds. Power On Here are the available settings for Power On function: Auto Setup allows BIOS to select the disk drives and create arrays automatically, but it does not duplicate the mirroring drives even if the user selected Create and duplicate for RAID 1.

Great motherboard for the price. Please note that memory is prevented from running faster than this frequency. Connect the fan to the power supply connector provided on your mainboard.

You can also enable the Every turn on function, which will enable the specified program s and file s every time the Digi Cell utility runs. Auto Setup allows BIOS to select the disk drives and create arrays automatically, but it does not duplicate the mirroring drives even if the user selected Create and duplicate for RAID 1.

MSI KT Delta-FSR – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – KT Overview – CNET

If you install two hard disks on cable, you must configure the second drive to Slave mode by setting its jumper. We do our best to update store pricing and inventory amounts as they change.


S3-related functions described in this section are available only when your BIOS supports S3 sleep mode. The first icon indicates the deltx LAN on your system, the second icon indicates the wireless LAN status, and the third one is the information about the bluetooth on your system. Selecting [Manual] allows users to configure these fields manually.

The CD will auto-run and the setup screen will appear. Use one end of the clip to hook the latch of the CPU sliding plate. Hardware Setup Chapter 2. Windows-based RAID configure and management software tool.

Instruction manual | MSI KT880 Delta Motherboard

KT Delta MS v1. Then click Kf880 button to proceed the installation. Giga-bit LAN enables data to be transferred ator 10Mbps. Audio Speaker Setting In this sub-menu, you can configure and test the multi-channel audio function, speakers, sound effect and environment.

Pressing Y loads the default factory settings for optimal system performance.

Press the F1 key to show the array status on the lower screen. The channel column will be activated.