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If ever there will be a problem call a support for configuration. This is NOT abusive. Click “Add” to insert your video. The configuration process may include the procedures below. As far as I am aware, the SIM slot is for storing secure data onto.

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I realize my laptop have sim slot. This answer closely relates to:. Message 10 of The possibilities afforded by a wireless wide area network are nearly limitless.

Lenovo offers no-contract mobile broadband for ThinkPads

Connecting the computer to an electrical outlet 1 Connect the power cord to the AC adapter. Make sure to back up any critical data before using the recovery feature.

Dear All Lenovo forum moderator. If this happens, turn off the computer.

Message 7 of Please refer to the actual product. I have inserted the simcard, but I dont find the card and start too use it??

The dummy card is used for preventing dust and small particles from entering the inside of your computer when the memory card slot is not in use. Please use technology lenovo forum moderator, There is so many post here but all post just a piece bloody information. I have trouble to fint sim card access. I have a laptop b and to use internet with a sim so how you can help me to download the driver for sim card?


Failure to collect the product may result in your Service Provider disposing of the product as it sees fit.

What is mobile broadband technology?

You must provide a suitable working area to allow disassembly and reassembly of the Lenovo product. But it not working when i insert my sim card. After that, you also need: Before removing the hard disk drive, make a backup copy of all the information on the hard disk, and then turn the computer off.

If your Service Provider determines that it is unable to either repair or replace your product, your sole remedy broadbadn to return the product to your place of purchase or to Lenovo for a refund of your purchase price. How i can download the sim card driver for lenovo b? However, there is no guarantee the interference will not occur in a particular installation.

Qualcomm Inc All Drivers | DriverZone

This limit does not apply to damages for bodily injury including death and damage to real property or tangible personal property for which Lenovo is liable under law. Close the computer display and turn it over. Once you set a password and enable it, a prompt appears on the screen each time you power on the computer.


lenpvo If useless why u put the bloody sim card slot there?? G Dvd drive is not detected. This allows individuals to maintain an Internet connection as they move from place to place, without having to rely upon WiFi hotspots. For some products, certain repairs may require your Service Provider to send the product to a designated service center.

Open the SIM card slot cover.

Please follow the below steps: Additionally, you can find support information and updates on the Broadbanc Web site located at http: Learning the basics System status indicators These indicators inform you of the computer status. This warranty is voided by removal or alteration of identification labels on the product or its parts.