E-mail The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. The gnome bluetooth software only gave me trouble. Does this work for you? Now you should be good to compile, so run make send me a note if you get any compilation errors. Traditionally the connection was made with a standard rs cable, but more recently devices are available with usb or bluetooth connections. This would have turned on line feeds in the ELM interface and scrolled the screen during each reply from the ELM so the 1st char of the responses was not overwritten, however its understandable without this and even clearer if you try it yourself and add this command.

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Does this work for you? The OBD2 bluetooth adapter There are very many of these. Next, select “Serial Port”: Good thing is that it is quite easy to get the scan tool working under openSUSE and of course also under other Linux distributions.

SDB:ELM based ODB2 scan tool – openSUSE Wiki

This is a very brief overview, for more detail search the internet! Thank You very much for this post!!! Pierre, it is very hard to guess what may be wrong. If interested let me know in the comments. Dlm327 are a lot of ODB projects out right now, just do a Google search.


Scantool – OBDII Car Diagnostic Software for Linux

Or, can that be dangerous? I couldn’t get it to work at all. For example, freediag looks interesting. Note that it works fine under Linux the product page only mentions Windows. Traceback most recent call last: Install with these commands: For developers, an obd2 lib may be useful.

Apparently this library works with usb and bluetooth serial emulation in Linux, but not in Windows so if you want to use either of these modes in Windows you have to buy a custom made executable. I needed to change the baud rate to in order to get it lijux work is too fast.

Teueniz’s library and therefore my program in Linux supports rs, usb, and bluetooth devices. I will try to send the commands first with mini com, then read the bus with a python script.

They still offer a free OBDwiz program, but its only for Windows users. So if you encounter any problems with your device and a OBD-II software, you should always check your device first. Just spend a little time reading the documentation and understanding the codes. July 17, at 5: If anyone wants to try these as text mode DOS executables for rs devices email me, I’m happy to make them available.


ELM327 to RS232 in Linux

If you’re looking to use one of the several iPad apps for connecting to your car, you may want to look into a Wifi OBD2 adapter instead. If you are running windows and need a terminal program you may find PuTTY useful. The hardest part is usually getting the bauds right, otherwise the chip will not respond or will respond with gibberish. Theme el,327 provided by my brother Konstantin Kovshenin.

Gabriel, thanks for stopping by. I suspect that due to the hardware version 1.

The ELM datasheet says that in a normal state the baud rate is usually set to Bd Bd in sleep mode. Turn on the laptop, and once started up and logged in, right-click the bluetooth icon in the panel and select “Setup new device There may be other, better solutions by now send me a note using the form below if you know of one: I’ve connected android apps to a Bluetooth OBD reader and it worked fine.

The implementation of commands is also often faulty or faked.