No periodic jitter is observed: To be honest, you published some tests of DAC output from laptops, and they were clearly compromised. Maybe there are still some issues when measured, but certainly nothing major. I have also a Lynx L22, I am using oss-linux I think this is a good reminder of how computing power although continuing to increase with each generation, no longer is something most users have to worry about unless one is a gamer or workstation power user. Normally run at 64 Frames, 48K and 2 Periods. Select all Version info:

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When I run osstest I get the following: Wires all over and looks like I need to clean off the power supply fan filter! Bottom line is that this audio card sounds great 15 years after it was designed.

As you can see, running Prime 95 and FurMark to strain the computer system does increase the noise floor particularly in the lower frequencies. Here’s a closer look at the board itself. Thanks for your reply and Yes, it is bit J-Test signal. It feeds a pair lyjx Focal Solo6 Be monitors active speakers.

Open Sound System

Rathana Gclub 29 May at Maybe it helps if I post it here too. These are lynd some of the better supported cards on Linux as well. I don’t want to hyjack this thread, but before I create a new thread with details, it would be interesting to know if this issue has been resolved.


Gabriel Iordache 30 April at Dev 12 Dropout [1] [ Maybe there are still some issues when measured, but certainly nothing major. I’ll add all details to be able to compare with a non-working system.

Could someone give me linix advice on what to buy? I tell ya, linuux instrumentals need to have dynamic headroom; as it stands, it sound OK but I just get this feeling of troubling disappointment thinking that if only they had given the instruments room to breatheit’d sound a lot less muddy and a lot more punchy with the volume cracked up on a high-fidelity sound system especially with a powerful sub connected!

Good hooks, nice rhythms; “easy listening” for the guy who doesn’t mind slightly heavier and more distorted rock instrumentation. My error, I build a couple of them last night Thanks, I’ll try that on my base image again. Click submit and download l2 package.

The electrical noise essentially from the GPU seems to affect the frequency range between Hz to 1kHz mainly. Output timed out sync on audio engine 3 [ RME is the best audio interfaces that are supported on Linux. As many of you probably know, Mitch “Mitchco” Barnett is a regular contributor linuux the Computer Audiophile website with his articles.


Frequently Asked Questions about Lynx Studio Technology, Inc.

When I try soundoff and soundon nothing happens, I just get a tiny click from the L22 as soundon turns back on, but I can’t even get osstest to repeat the problem until I reboot.

I did some research now and I figured out that the Lexicon Omega Studio might be pretty much what I need…. I’d really appreciate any help, I’m hoping to get OSS happening here as a matter of principle!

On that point about the distortion, I seriously wish this record was better engineered. Another happy MLT user here. Wondering what device you used to capture the FFT? One of the great things about the Focusrite Forte is that it can operate with USB power only from the laptop which is why it can be free from the 60Hz hum, and this also keeps my measurement system very compact and mobile.

Excellent rendition of details.

Very nice looking bit J-Test results on the L Dev 11 Dropout [1] [