Do you already have an account? Your nickname or email address: Please contact me at: The M-Audio software then automatically directs me to download the driver that is compatible with Vista! You had said this was the same machine and the problem started only after a Windows 7 update? Focusrite seems good enough, but now I don’t want an external card – maybe later Best regards! I’m going to have a play tonight, I’ll let you know how I get on.

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My current operating software is Windows 7, SP1. Please login or register. My spits out Make sure to uninstall previous drivers first using the Windows “Add or Remove Programs” menu: Your nickname or email m-audii I have not done this, only installed the 6.

Same deal as with ASIO? I use JRiver Media Center only for audio, so I am trying to determine whether it is worth it to upgrade.

Be sure you are downloading the correct drivers, as there are different versions based on whether you have Windows 7 with or without SP1. As I say, I’d be happy to help further. You must log in or sign up to reply here.



I know of a cross platform free software that doesn’t require installation to share screen and mouse control. Sorry, I’m audiohpile curious Maybe I can give you more of a step-by-step set of instructions. A quick ‘n’ dirty diagram. Trevor WhiteDec 7, Apr 28, at 4: The Control Panel is very different from the earlier versions; I believe this changed right at the Windows 7 updates.

I finally have sound with ASIO. Hmm, if you card is anything like mine you should set it as follows; Windows sound device; all of these should be set to M-Audio Multi M-Audio Control Panel; set all outputs to monitor mixer m-ahdio it a go, see what happens.

Audiophile Won’t work with Windows 7, WHY?

Focusrite comes quite well reviewed, their 6i6 might be up your street, as it has 4 outputs that can be driven independently as far as I know. Alex B Citizen of the Universe Posts: If this doesn’t help, please provide further details regarding your symptoms. The M-Audio software then automatically directs audiolhile to download the driver that is compatible with Vista!


I am not familiar with how Traktor works, but you should be routing A to a different M-Audio output than B. May 9, Messages: I downloaded the latest driver, but that didn’t help.

Use Programs and features in Control Panel.

Did you know that your browser is out of date?

Mine is setup like this. I’ve taken out the card, rebooted the pc etc etc, but all without result.

Widows automatically loads the 6. I don’t know if a new interface will help. Create a new topic About this Question Why on earth is this happening? This computer used to run on Vista, then Asko, and I keep getting the message in Windows 7 action center that there is a new driver for the M-Audio software and that I need to download and install this driver.

The mood in here.