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The imported project will now play back in real time. A number of new features have been added to the Matrox realtime plug-in for Adobe Premiere, including enhanced editing tools and improved preview capabilities. What more could you want? You can also record your clips onto analog tape as they play back on your video monitor. X was installed on a fast, new Compaq Evo with a 2. You can also easily select the type of file you want to create. It should go without saying, but we also found the card and Premiere to be rock stable and experienced no crashes during our tests.

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Specify a location and filename, then click Save. How to effectively maintain continuity throughout your edit. You can also choose to install the Matrox Effect add-ons during your Matrox X. What more maatrox you want? For some time now, almost all “real-time” hardware solutions for Adobe Premiere have provided real-time previews only.

Test Bench:Matrox RT.X100

You can also use the Matrox VFW capture driver with many messenger mstrox video conferencing programs such as Microsoft NetMeeting to send streaming video over the internet or your corporate intranet. How to Sync Dual System Sound. You can now create realtime effects using up to two video clips and four single-frame graphics clips. X customers to any newer versions of Premiere, but we would expect the card to be compatible.


X is a first generation product.

Edit on your laptop, finish on Matrox RT.X

Improvements have been made to the quality of chroma keys on PAL video. Import your project to the finishing matrrox When your project is complete, copy the Adobe Premiere Pro project file and all related media video clips, graphics, titles, and audio clips to your Matrox RT. It should go without saying, but we also found the card and Premiere to be rock stable and experienced no crashes mztrox our tests. X Xtreme Pro Release Notes.

You can, however, still use clips created with earlier versions of Matrox X. For complete details on these updates, as well as a list of fixes and other last-minute information, please download the new RT. Please enter your comment! This release is mtrox X, busy video editors can use a laptop computer to capture and edit video clips while on the road, and then later assemble their projects back in the studio.

At this point, we were very pleased, as the above editing represents about 95 percent of the work that we do every day. Greater responsiveness in editing and real-time DV out mean that you may never wait for a render ever again, and this makes the Matrox RT. Notify me of new posts by email.

For information on how to select which Adobe Premiere Pro transitions you’d like to play back in real time on your RT. In the morning, we could then compare our renders and select the one that yielded the best balance between quality and file size.


Without a batch utility, this crucial, but tedious process for creating quality Web-ready media is unpleasant. Our project did require some experimentation, however, and it took a while to figure out what effects and combinations would work together. Edit on your laptop, finish on Matrox RT. Printer-friendly version KB.

For example, if you use the program WinZip in “Classic” mode, make sure the Use folder names checkbox is selected in the Extract dialog box before you extract the files. Once you complete the download, the resulting file is compressed as a zip archive, with subfolders stored in the file.

Save my name, email, and maatrox in this browser for the next time I comment. At the time of this writing, we do not know if there will be upgrade options for RT.

X, do the following: A-roll with a slow-motion effect, a Chromakey in V2 with A showing through and a 3D rotating title over the top of that in V3.

For example, you can use a copy stand and grab single-frame images from your live video. When you were ready to send DV back to your camcorder, you still needed to render the project. Please enter your name here.