This allocation may not succeed despite there being plenty of free memory available, as there is no single uninterrupted block of memory big enough fragmentation. Add support for ultrawideband commit , for an rfkill LED. Add suspend and resume capability commit zdrw: Crashing soon a kernel near you This is a list of some of the patches being developed right now at the kernel community that will be part of future Linux releases. CPU idle is a generic framework for supporting software-controlled idle processor power management.

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Gentoo Forums :: View topic – [SOLVED] Kernel Panic – nVidia MCP61 – VFS Unknown block(8,4

Makefiles have been modified accordingly. Add sysfs support commitadd sysfs alarm commit SBS: Ulrich Drepper, the libc maintainer, has published a must-read paper about “What every programmer should know about memory” Linux kernel version 2. Add support for other palette formats commit s3cfb: Add sysfs alarm commit AC: However, the new stack was designed to have a much better configuration interface, based on netlink.

New drivers Graphics Add the uvesafb driver.

PCI Error Recovery support kerndl 4. You will need to accept this license to continue with the installation. There are currently three working drivers for this new stack: Add support for Celeron 4xx commit 4.


Others will keep separated forever, due to the differences between both architectures.

If you have any questions or problems, please check the linux discussion forum. As of now, when a USB device is connected it is configured and its interfaces immediately made available to the users.

CONFIG_FORCEDETH: Reverse Engineered nForce Ethernet support (EXPERIMENTAL)

It includes a network driver, a block driver, a console driver, virtio transport for 9p, and lguest support commitcommitcommitcommitcommitcommitcommitcommit Remove fixed limit on number of guests, and lguests array commit readahead: Task Control Groups ksrnel the framework that is getting merged in 2. The purpose of this feature is to reduce external fragmentation by grouping pages of related types together.

For example, it may be desirable to first provide fair CPU time to each user on the system and then to each task belonging to a user. This feature frees the restriction that makedumpfile users should install a vmlinux file including the debugging information into each system commit quota: Add suspend and resume capability commit zdrw: Architecture-specific changes x86 EFI boot support: The list of processes contains all the processes running in the mfp61.

Add support for Mac Pro 2 x Quad-Core commit wd: Group Scheduling provides the ability to choose partitions to support the previous scenario.


Map volume and brightness events on thinkpads commit 4. Add support for latset RME revisions commit cmipci: While the backwards compatibility isn’t going away, all wireless configuration tools are recommended to have long-term plans to switch to the new interface. The limits are variable, depending on the writeout speed of each device. New cipher algorithm commit api: In ext4 with the uninitialized block groups feature, the e2fsck time is constant, based solely mdp61 the number of used inodes rather than the total inode count.

PID and network namespaces You can read this recommended articleand this oneabout the “PID and network namespaces” feature.

For systems running a kernel for which there is no pre-built binary driver, the installer will need to build the driver. It has been decided to kenrel both architectures in the same directory again.

Support for USB autosuspend commit ax MSI support commit rtl Comments Immutable Page Search: