Hard Disk Drive


The -a , -p , and -w flags cannot be used in this case. If you ever fail to unregister a major number, you must reload both the same module and another one built on purpose to unregister the major. The -a , -p , and -w flags cannot be used in this case. The major number identifies the driver associated with the device. By using the -l flag with the -c , -s , and -t flags, you can specify the name of the device. When using the mkdev command, you can supply the flags either on the command line or in the specified -f File flag.

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For information about the SMIT application, see System manage- ment interface kinux in Operating system and device management. Related Information The chdev command, lsattr command, lsconn command, lsdev command, lsparent command, rmdev command. This flag is only meaningful for those devices that support the Stopped state. To protect the Configuration Database, the mkdev command is not interruptible. In addition, if your script is to be run at boot time, you will need to make a link to it from the appropriate run-level directory i.

The code we suggest using is similar to the code introduced llnux autodetection of port numbers.

As an alternative to using a pair of scripts for loading and unloading, you could write an init script, ready to be placed in the directory your distribution uses for these scripts. Specifies the connection location, indicated by the ConnectionLocation variable, on the parent.


The kernel uses the major number at open time to dispatch execution to the appropriate driver. Normally, a device node requires a different access policy, so in some way or another access rights must be changed. The previous description and the following instructions about adding a new driver and special file assume that devfs is not present. Operating System and Devices. This flag cannot be used with the -l flag unless the -c-sand -t flags are also used. To define but not configure a 4.

If you do not use the -l flag, a name will be automatically generated and assigned.

Проект OpenNet: MAN MKDEV (9) Ядро (FreeBSD и Linux)

Some major device numbers are statically assigned to the most common devices. If you do not use the -l flag, a name will be automatically generated and assigned. The reason is that the script must be run by the superuser, so newly created special files are owned by root.

All times are GMT The script just shown creates four devices because mkdfv is the default in the scull sources. Please note the behavior is slightly different in the two cases: If you do not specify either the -d flag or the -S flag, the mkdev command makes the device available. Later, in Section 5. This flag cannot be used with the -S flag. You can use any combination of the -c-sand -t flags needed to uniquely identify the predefined device.

For private drivers, we strongly suggest that you use dynamic allocation to obtain your major device linyx, rather than choosing a number randomly from the ones that are currently free.


mkcev Specifies the connection location, indi- cated by the -w ConnectionLocation ConnectionLocation variable, on the par- ent. A negative return code signals an error; a 0 or positive return code reports successful completion. Minor numbers should be in the range 0 to because, for historical reasons, they are sometimes stored in a single byte.

When devfs is not being used, adding a new driver to the system means assigning a major number to it. Flags Specifies the device attribute-value pairs to lknux used instead of the defaults. The -R flag is not compatible with the -d and -S flags. Specifies the predefined device, indi- cated by the Name variable, in the Customized Devices object -l Name class when not used with the -c-sand -t flags. By using the -l flag with the -c-sand -t flags, you can specify the name of the device.

Linux Device Drivers, Second Edition by Alessandro Rubini, Jonathan Corbet

It is common for a driver to control several devices as mkdec in the listing ; the minor number provides a way for the driver to differentiate among them. Please note that once created by mknodthe special device file remains unless it is explicitly deleted, like any information stored on disk.

The gap is filled later in this chapter, in Section 3.