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Disable and enable can be executed correctly, but there is no “Ethernet” icon in the upper right corner. So it seems that this is directly related on how the USB Host interface is identified by the kernel. This adapter works, but it probably requires a bit of work. Keep in mind that new dongles might not solve your problems. I dont know how the first poster is only getting Mbps on the native interface eth0. Add this link for more information:

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Does not work without powered USB hub. Zach Pfeffer pfefferz wrote on USB Network devices configuration.

Download full text 3. On the Ubuntu LEB side this seems to be related with the way the usb interface is detected at Origen. The log file can be found in attachment. Sorry for comment 28, I put us in a wrong place This driver only handles the ethernet.

One that uses the Pegasus driver, and one that uses the dm driver.


RPi USB Ethernet adapters

This page was last edited on 6 Julyat These are often used to network laptops to PCslike. Cable Matters USB 3. While it is advertised as USB 2. We need to have some network with this target and this is our best shot.

Botao botao-sun wrote on A bit is 8 times smaller than a byte. Easy to follow instructions moscgip how to download the kernel source code and symbol files can be found in the 2nd posting hereincluding how to compile the module. Bus Device Alsothese devices will.

Works without a powered hub or when plugged into an unpowered hub on a Model “A” Pi. The USB host runs “usbnet”and the other end of the link might be: For example, D-Link has an annoying tendency to silently replace the chipset in their models without changing the model name.

Ethernet doesn’t work on Origen when the etherner host interface works as a usb 2. Unlike later, USB 1. Keep in mind that new dongles might not solve your problems.


RPi USB Ethernet adapters –

This driver is for routers only. Needed to unplug and plug USB again. Works out of the box on Raspbian. Tested with and without powered USB hub.

MCS7705 — USB 1.1 to Single Parallel Controller

Works out of box very stable with asix kernel driver on latest raspbian 3. Still happening with Peracom Enet and Enet2.

What this looks like depends entirely on what chipset and driver your adapter uses. With older kernels adapter working about 10 minutes without problem, but after that kernel write error message to dmesg and no packet is received.

The devices require additional configuration to be usable.