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Regulatory Approval FCC approval: To start voice recognition press the button on the phone’s right side the clamshell must be open. Benchmark Test Results Continuous talk time: Works best in clear weather. K1m, Verizon and Sprint versions: It’s not terribly often that an assuredly hot phone drops on both Verizon and Sprint in the same timeframe, seeing how the former just loves scooping up those galdarned exclusivity agreements. The bottom of the phone is even stippled in a vaguely automotive-grill-like fashion.

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Become a fan of PCMag. The exact features and technical specifications differed significantly between models.

Call volume is good and the speakerphone is loud and clear with minimal distortion at high volume. There has never been a “freeze”, blank screen, system reset, or anything like what I experienced with the Nokia WTF Stop screwing customers. I don’t see why the 2.

Meaning you can make your own mp3 ringtones and send them via midem to your phone.

The KRZR can take up to a 1 gig card, which means you can carry a decent amount of tunes with you approx. It has hands-free, headset, serial port, DUN dial-up networking and object push for vcards and images no other file transfer supported. From around the web.


Motorola KRZR – MOTOKRZR K1m – Phone Reviews by Mobile Tech Review

This item doesn’t belong on this page. This phone is modsm, easy to carry in mostly any pocket, and it has a very good sound.

I have not tried 2GB because I heard it does not work as well. With five hours of talk time, the battery life is terrific. Looks are everything these days, and we have the long standing RAZR craze to thank for that. K1m, Verizon and Sprint versions: By clicking the Smart Key located just under the volume buttons you can moyorola your Ring Tone to “Silent” just before falling into bed, or stepping into church: If you are going for just appeal grab the K1M if you are going for appeal and performance get the K1.

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Quality time with Motorola’s MOTOKRZR K1m for Sprint

Regulatory Approval FCC approval: It works real good as an MP3 player, and it is a fairly dec3ent camera for a phone. Resolution – ,1m to the width and the length od the additional display 96 x 80 pixels. Although the phones did equally well in low-signal conditions, I got a few dBm lower readings on the KRZR in stronger-signal situations. Moto calls it dark pearl gray. It’s not easy to get the card out, and we wonder how well the card will stay in place once the hard rubber wears down.


Date approved – Shows the date when the particular mogorola is approved by the 1km Communications Commission. It works good with an SD card for music, even with 1GB card. The sides are contrasting light silver and the bottom curved surfaces are stippled like some high-end Euro personal appliance or perhaps a car’s grille. The lower section of the flip actually a part of the keypad portion of the phone is black metallic as are the sides of the outer flip.

So, I am a very satisfied K1 owner! Every wireless phone device that is sold in the U. A bit pricey for what you get. Motorola mobile phones Mobile phones introduced in Fans of Motorloa user interface may lament the dumbed-down Verizon user interface. View all modemm Manufacturers Apple Samsung Asus Amazon. Given the KRZR’s music prowess and price, we are disappointed Verizon didn’t include a stereo headset in the box.