You can see the temperature quickly rise to critical 85 degrees, and The only discord is a performance drop of in x The layout of memory chips is similar to GeForce FX , actually they have a similar design. The video card from Galaxy possesses a cooling system from Arctic Cooling. The Second Encounter Thus, on the whole: Galaxy Glacier GeForce is the first.

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Astounding package contents makes this video card a cherished purchase for those who have USD for a state-of-the-art 3D-accelerator the retail jsi for early august in Moscow.

MSI NXTD, Galaxy Glacier GeForce based on NVIDIA GeForce

The Second Encounter v. In our 3DiGest you can find more detailed comparisons of various video cards.

The video card from Galaxy possesses a cooling system from Arctic Cooling. Both cards are stable, there are no reprimands, the quality is srries.

By now, most consumers should be familiar with SLI benchmarks from GT mid-range nVidia cards, so let’s msk things up a notch! This company is almost unknown in our country, though its products can be found on the shelves, but very often as noname.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein Multiplayer Thus, on the whole: As you can see from the test results, a frequency raise by 25 MHz produces little effect, but it’s still pleasant and you can get moral satisfaction from it: Below is a temperature curve for Ultra with an original cooler: Though themed differently, it is arguably equal to seriees Doom 3 and Halflife 2 in terms seriess graphical flair and pure fun.


Galaxy Glacier GeForce Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell v. MSI products stand out by the fact that MSI plant produces not only copies of reference cards but cards of own design, especially it concerns cooling systems.

NVIDIA GeForce with its core overclocked to MHz – confirms the above, the effect is almost twice as great, though percentage wise the core was overclocked less than the memory. A powerful fan is on serries left, it can operate at rpm, but this revolution frequency is either enabled by the driver in case of graphic processor overheating, or it is seriws by a slider on top of the heatsink.

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MSI NVIDIA GeForce 6800 (NX6800-TD256E) 256MB DDR SDRAM PCI Express x16 Graphics adapter

It has a flap lid, which covers a window demonstrating the card. A large copper plated cast-aluminium heatsink covers both the core and the memory, while the single small fan proved to be audible, but not loud enough to stand out in a sealed computer case. The only external power connector is located in the upper part of the card.

Tested with anisotropic filtering disabled, and also in a heavy serirs with AA and anisotropy.

Though you can see that it has even High-End products, with original designs at that. As you can see, the SLI connector is present on the top of the card, allowing it to be linked to other SLI-compatible video cards with a compatible motherboard. A huge box with a carrier handle.


MSI NX6800-TD256E graphics card – GF 6800 – 256 MB Series

Look at the very effective system from ARX well-known cooler manufacturer based on a narrow copper heatsink sprawled on the PCB. The bundle is fit for a king! If you are looking for an ultra high-end video solution, there are only a couple of real choices; invest in an ATI Xbased card, a Geforce GTX or an SLI-capable motherboard and a pair of class Geforce video cards.

But here the game is up to system resources, everything depends on software, not hardware. Our tests proved that the card does not really need the raise in memory clock, which allows NVIDIA and its partners to considerably reduce the net cost of these cards in comparison with GeForce GT high-performance GDDR3 is very expensive now and constitutes a great part of the net cost of video cards.

Msi NXTDE Manuals

Thus, on the whole: Call of Duty, ixbt04 Thus, on the whole: Yes, the temperature here does not rise above 72 degrees. Now about the cards.

Galaxy Glacier GeForce is the first. No, has not lost!