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Swipe the mouse while drawing the line very quickly left and right. But because the laser tracks movement more accurately than a standard LED, the MX takes a more precise read of the surface, resulting in more exact cursor movement onscreen. With enhanced image contrast enabling a 20x improvement, the laser mouse can track on surfaces where the LED mouse cannot. The best monitor I took the button apart and cleaned it and bent the contact for more positive click and it’s been fine since. The cruise buttons work properly and control the window the mouse is over.

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The accuracy is incredible. The centre people “rashi peripherals” are sooo ruthless lot, that they made me run 7 -8 times for a full month.

Logitech Mx Wireless Laser Cordless Mouse Pc/mac | eBay

It will prevent the mousepads from falling off and it may also improve the way your mouse glides over your mousepad. Can some one help by telling me the max range of the receiver? Also, the writer needed an editor for spelling and grammar errors.

I wish Logitech would come up with an answer to fix this. I use my mouse for a lot of programs to games like C. First of all it’s normal to have a certain percentage of mice that are defective in a product line so it’s possible to have a dud. Once I finally figured that out I’ve never had another problem with it. Sadly, I bought a Nano VX recently for my laptop and within 6 months, it is acting up too.


I hope that you now have enough information, if you need more than visit Logitech’s site Features of the Logitech MX 1.

DV Hardware review – Logitech MX1000 Laser Cordless Mouse

It’s very ergonomic and precise in its movements. I tried bypassing my KVM switch, but still had problems trying to get any of these buttons to do anything useful. But the erratic movement is still a problem. I would’ve saved a lot of time if i read how many people had similar problems to my own before i purchased it.

Head over to page 2 for a closer look at the mouse. I have vowed never to buy logitech products again. The scroll wheel is utter crap. You’ll find three programmable keys above your thumb and three more, including the scrollwheel itself, cogdless on the top.

It’s not as huge a shift as it was miuse from rollerballs to optical sensors, but the MX does usher in a new age in computer mice. The distance between mouse and the base station is merely meters.

I’m using it with a Icemat Black glass mousemat. In steps the MX Laser from Logitech, branded as the world first Laser guided mouse, the precision and therefore movement factor is very impressive.

Logitech MX Laser Cordless Mouse review: Logitech MX Laser Cordless Mouse – CNET

About four square inches is all you need and because of its weight, you can scroll by using just your finger instead of grasping the mouse. I has never miss my target, it’s pixel precise, it’s awesome. Sometimes it won’t charge but I can always get it to work by moving the mouse a bit. It took probably less than We can’t guarantee the Logitech M mouse will boost your productivity, but at this price Last usable Setpoint version for this with Vista is still 3.


As a side point The wireless mouse ships with an RF base station, which doubles as a battery charger.

An Excellent cordlees for FPS ,i play a lot of battlefield 2 and this mouse is highly accurate to the point that mouse pads are pointless as it makes no difference what the surface is. As a gamer, cordpess is quite the drag to find your self not being able to control your mouse, or worse yet, the mouse controlling you, eg: You have to lift the mouse too high to prevent motion sensors to detect motion.

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